It’s never too late to Get Tested for HIV!

If you are living in Mumbai and thinking to undergo an STD test in Mumbai, then it’s the time! The only way to know if you are infected with HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) or not is to undergo an HIV test right now before it’s too late. Because early investigation of HIV can help a patient achieve a prolonged life span. HIV can cause irreparable damage to you and your loved ones, it’s a virus that directly attacks your immune system and slowly destroys you from inside. So, don’t hesitate to undergo an HIV test for yourself or your partner, if you feel the need to get tested for it.

Where should you get tested for HIV?

If you are looking for an HIV test in Mumbai then you must consider getting tested through Yes4me, as it is one of the best platforms that provide an individual with an option to help understand the risk levels associated with the extent of HIV exposure at a very reasonable HIV test cost in Mumbai. Once you book a slot at our website, you will receive a call or e-mail from our executive in the next 24 hours. They will assist you in every possible manner and ask you a set of a questionnaire regarding your sexual life and history, which will then be evaluated by experts to help a patient understand the risk levels of HIV whether they are at high, low or moderate risk.

Yes4me ensures that a patient is taken comprehensive care under the vigilance of various HIV specialists in Mumbai. Yes4me ensures to provide lower HIV test cost in Mumbai, keeping in mind the financial status of an individual. They can also wish to choose either home/office sample pickup or can visit a nearby lab while booking the slot. Yes4me ensures patient privacy to be given utmost importance and maintains the confidentiality of the patient’s results until the patient wishes to disclose it.

Pre-test counseling sessions are carried out by expert HIV specialists in Mumbai, where a patient can choose to get tested from several tests for HIV and blood tests included in HIV/STD test packages.

An experienced phlebotomist will be sent to your address for sample collection. It usually takes about 2-3 days for your sample processing, extracting results and sharing the reports on the given e-mail id.

When is the right time to get checked?

A sexually transmitted infection transmits from one person to another while making an intimate contact or while having sex with multiple partners. These types of infections usually take a period to become detectable in your blood, and one must wait for a minimum of 4 weeks from the time of exposure before taking your test to ensure an accurate result. If you are sexually active and residing in Mumbai, then regular STD test in Mumbai is advised.

Why getting tested for HIV is important?

Getting tested for HIV is important because most of the people don’t experience any symptoms, and can remain symptomless for years, which may lead to irreparable damage, if not attended at the right time. One can consult an HIV specialist in Mumbai for further clarifications on getting tested for HIV.

Also, it’s important to get tested for STIs as it can cause infertility in men and women, pelvic inflammatory disease, and ectopic pregnancy.
An HIV test for yourself can protect your partner, from getting infected as STI’s can remain undetected for years.