Video lectures or Study materials Guide for Test preparation on Mobile

There was a time when a student went to coaching centers for admission test preparation but since the introduction of smartphone and its application has made it easier for students to prepare anywhere at any time. Let us share What these app offers.

Provides study materials

With these apps, you can study the each concept asked in an admission test because these apps provide you eBooks and other reading materials, which will help you in understanding every concept and help you in preparation for the test. Every day these apps will introduce you to a new vocabulary; you will get news updates, which will increase your general knowledge.

Video lectures

You can learn in the most amazing way because with these apps, you can learn a topic with the help of video lecture, where a subject expert will teach you the most important concepts and tricks to answer the question in a timely and efficient manner. These videos lectures will cover your every topic in a briefly and sometimes in details to give you the best chance of getting admission in the college you dream.

You can watch this video lectures every time, wherever you are and whenever you are free; these videos will help you master the topic and test your understanding with exercise questions at the end.

Exam Updates

These apps will provide you updates about the exams you will be going to take, whether the changes in the exam pattern, test dates announcement and test results announcement; you will be getting all this information without the need of going to websites for the news update.

Practice Tests

After getting prepared for the exam, you can check your preparation with the help of the practice test, which you can give with the help of the app. You will be asked different questions from all the areas and you will be allotted a limited time for each area; all you have to do is answer them in allotted time with the help touch interface.

After you are done, you will be shown the result immediately along with the comparison of your score with the global average score, and you will be shown your global ranking. You can check which of your answers were wrong and why they were wrong; these apps provide you the proper explanation for each of the answer.

Advantages of these apps

1. You can prepare for entrance test whenever you are free and anywhere you want.

2. Majority was these apps are free with in-app purchases so it costs less; you can learn a lot without in-app purchases.

3. We know, the importance of time in the test so with these apps one can test how much time one takes and learn how to utilize time effectively.


Apps built for test preparation are an excellent way to maximize your chances of passing admission test because with them you can learn every topic in a manner, which saves your crucial time because proficiency in subject and time management are the vital factors in the success of the test.

Author’s Bio: Alicia Petrovic is a management graduated from the University of Kingsland. She is an experienced content writer at assignment help and by following her on Twitter and Facebook, you can stay updated with her latest work.