Benefits of Psychometric Tests for Recruitment of Employees

Every employer is looking for the best candidates to fill their positions. Hence, they depend on several tests to find the right candidates who can serve the company with excellent skills for long time. Inappropriate candidates result in wastage of time and productivity. Moreover, it demands the employers to conduct frequent interviews in search for right candidates. It results in additional wastage of time and effort. But when the candidates are selected on the basis on test reports, they will better match with the job profile and assure best services for the company or firm. Psychometric tests are one of the important tests conducted by most of the employers.

Psychometric tests

In simple terms, psychometric test means the measurement of mind. Apart from educational skills and experience, psychometric tests for recruitment are conducted to assess the personality and behavioral traits of the candidates that is really difficult for the HR table to assess during the interview.

The two important tests conducted as a part of psychometric tests include personality tests and aptitude tests.

Personality tests

Most of the employers give importance to personality since it plays good role in attaining success at work. Most of the tests that come as a part of psychometric tests include personality tests. The test will contain questions that ask about the candidate’s behavior, thoughts and feelings. It helps the employer to get clear idea about the candidate’s behavior at both work and outside the work.

Aptitude Tests

It is not a surprise that there about 5000 aptitude tests available to access the skills of candidates. Each of the tests is designed to assess the various skills of candidates including verbal ability, numeric reasoning etc. It is conducted as per the job profile and the instruction of the employers. Some of the important aptitude tests include the following.

Verbal ability

The test is conducted to measure grammar, spelling, analogies, etc to assess the communication skills.

Numerical ability

The test includes number sequences, basic arithmetic and simple mathematics. Tests for management levels will be presented with graphs and charts. The tests are conducted to know about the ability of candidates in using the numbers.

Mechanical reasoning

This test is conducted to assess the knowledge of mechanical and physical principles.

Abstract reasoning

The tests are conducted to assess the ability in identifying the underlying logic of given pattern and to determine the solution for the same. This test is considered as the best indicator of ability to understand and learn new things and fluid intelligence.

Fault Diagnosis

This test is conducted for the technical candidates to assess the abilities in finding and repairing the faults in mechanical and electronic systems. Since most of the modern equipment depend on electronic control systems, it has become so important for the employer to select the right candidates.

Psychometric test for recruitment helps the employers a lot in making the interview simple. They will be provided with the individual reports of tests of the candidates to conduct the final interview only with best appropriate candidates.