What to expect When you Take the Dental Admission Test (DAT)?

As would be expected, taking the Dental Admission Test (DAT) can be daunting. Being prepared is the best way to ensure you feel confident on the day. Test day is the most anticipated day of your academic career, there is no sense in turning it into a day full of panic and anxiety by being unsure of what to expect. Cut out the uncertainty and worry and rather give yourself the chance to focus on doing well in the test.

The Day before the DAT

You would have been studying for weeks and months leading up to the DAT and you’ll be tempted to just take a break. However, your work isn’t over yet. Take those last couple of days to buckle down on your prep or work with your DAT tutor to go over anything you need last-minute clarification on.

Finally, you need to prepare the details and logistics of taking the test the day before. The day prior to the exam, you will need to verify the location and time of your testing center. If the testing center falls within a campus, try and get to know where to find it instead of just looking at a physical address. Finding rooms and test centers within campuses can be tough. Plan your route to the testing center and know how long it will take you to get there. Plan for some traffic and determine what time you will need to leave to get there. Make sure to arrive at the center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled time.

What you Need on the Day?

It is important to have everything ready the day before the DAT. This will save you time looking for any items or identification that you can’t find easily, and possibly making you late to the testing center. The only things you need to take the exam are two forms of identification. This is your government issued ID with a photograph and a signature–such as a driver’s license or passport–and one ID with a signature on such as a credit card or social security card. The signature found on both forms of identification must match, and the name on the DAT registration should match the name found on the identification you provide.

You will not be allowed to take anything else into the exam with you, and extra items will need to be locked up. You are also not required to take any registration papers to the exam. They will have a record of your scheduled appointment and will be expecting you.

You will need to provide both forms of identification as you arrive. Your ID card will be scanned, and you will have to do a biometric scan as well. You will have a locker assigned to you, and you will be given a marker and two laminated pieces of graphing paper to use during the test.

Taking the Examination

In the testing center, you will be assigned a seat at a computer. The different segments of the exam are broken down into time segments, with a 15-minute optional tutorial, a 30-minute scheduled break, and a 15-minute optional post-test survey. Use these breaks as an opportunity to gather yourself, take a breath, and prepare for the exam. After you have taken the exam, you will be able to view your scores immediately. Upon leaving the testing room you will receive a printed result sheet and you will be free to collect your belongings and leave. If you’re concerned about this process or are feeling stress about the actual testing process, try working with a DAT tutor to utilize practice tests. This way you’ll know exactly what to do on exam day.