Living with HIV is Distressing! – Yes4me Helps you Get the best HIV Treatment in Hyderabad

Human immunodeficiency virus/Acquired immune deficiency once considered to be a stigmatic viral disorder is now been considered normal in our society. The reason for this is increased awareness and medical advancement in the sexual health field, which has made the lives of individuals much better suffering from HIV virus. It has been reported that the incidence rates for people being infected with HIV in Hyderabad is controlled in recent years, which is due to various initiatives taken by schools, colleges, government and hospitals, to make people aware about the virus and consequences that has to be faced once infected.

If you want to get tested for HIV but feel reluctant to take one, just because you are concerned about your privacy that may be lost and what people may think about you? Well, with Yes4me one can easily get the most effective, reliable and confidential results for HIV test and HIV treatment in Hyderabad.

Yes4me ensures keeping a patient status and personal information intact and not to be disclosed to anyone until the patient wishes for it. It also checks for HIV most confidentially and provides accessibility and flexibility to choose the date and time for HIV testing along with the benefit of home-collection of samples.

Yes4me has made HIV testing an easy, quick and effective procedure

It helps the patient understand their risk levels for HIV infection by providing a set of questionnaires regarding their sexually active phase, and all the related queries that may have/may not have contributed in causing an HIV infection. The evaluation of answers is conducted by a group of experts at Yes4Me who are always available to address the queries of their patients.

One can wish to undergo a test for HIV based on their risk level, our experts take a pre-test counseling session where they deliver detailed guidance regarding the treatment, HIV test cost in Hyderabad and advice on physical, mental and emotional health conditions to benefit their patient from the test and treatment.

After the patient chooses to undergo an HIV test, the sample of blood is collected either by sending a representative to the patient’s home or a patient can also choose to get tested from a nearby hospital or lab. Once the reports are received on e-mail, a patient if tested HIV positive can get complete guidance on how to live a healthy life. Yes4Me provides comprehensive care to their patients by addressing all the psychological needs of HIV-infected individuals which is one of the most integral parts of comprehensive care.

Benefits to book an HIV test from Yes4Me

  • Yes4Me offers Easy, fast, accessible, quick and reliable services for HIV treatment in Hyderabad.
  • Offers a wide range of online blood test across the whole city including blood, urine, and other lab tests.
  • Maintains confidentiality of patients identity and test results.
  • All samples are evaluated at our network of NABL approved labs that are spread across Hyderabad and other cities as well.
  • Yes4me cares about the patient financial status and provides services at a very subsidized cost, making it one of the best test centers offering low HIV test cost in Hyderabad.

How to tackle HIV?

Well, tackling and preventing HIV is not a very big problem to solve. One should consider testing for HIV regularly, to be sure of your risk status. Apart from this try to follow safe and protected sex strictly and lead a sexually healthy life. Try taking counseling sessions with an Human immunodeficiency virus/Acquired immune deficiency syndrome HIV/AIDS expert counselor on how to cope up with this dreadful virus, both mentally and physically.