What you Should know about Pap Smear Test?

Most women get nervous about carrying out gynaecological exams, which makes them avoid the examination. However, taking your well-woman check seriously is important. Like all medical fields, gynaecology has undergone several changes and quite different from what most people know. There are also many misconceptions about gynaecological procedures that make most women afraid of having their routine exams.

Pap smears are a common gynaecological exam most women find daunting and try to avoid, but knowing the facts about this gynaecological exam will set you at ease to attend your routine Pap smears exams.

Some facts about Pap smears include:

1. Pap smears are a routine gynaecological exam, but it does not need to be on your yearly to-do-list. The guideline for Pap smears recommends women in their 20s get Pap smears every three years, while women between 30 – 65 can get the exam every 5 years. Women above 65 who have not had abnormal Pap smear results may no longer need Pap smears.

2. Pap smears can identify HPV strains that may cause cervical cancer, so medical professionals advise women to get HPV test in their 30s and when the healthcare professional recommends it.

3. An abnormal Pap smear does not mean you have cervical cancer. The abnormal cells may be non-cancerous. Most times, abnormal cell changes result from an infection that changes the cervical cells. It is also possible to get a false-positive result, and if your cell changes are not clear, you would need further testing. Further testing will involve a microscopic examination of the cervical cells and analysis of the cell sample.

If you want to carry out a Pap smear and feel anxious about it, ensure you speak to your gynaecologist, discuss your concerns, and ask questions about the procedure to help ease your anxiety. Most doctors want to know how you feel before and during your Pap smear; this will help calm patients before the procedure.

Pap smears are an important aspect of your well-woman care, so you shouldn’t let misconceptions about this procedure prevent you from undergoing the check.

If you are due for a Pap smear, ensure you book an appointment with your gynaecologist for the check. Call 020 7183 0435 today to schedule an appointment for your private smear test at Gynae Clinic in London.