Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment of Chlamydia infection

As the world develops all the things in it, there are also so many diseases that can harm us. One of them is called Chlamydia infections. This usually happens in women. This article will explain about this illness deeply, including the symptoms, prevention and treatment of Chlamydia infection.

The definition of Chlamydia infection

The first thing we will talk about is something that maybe many people do not understand yet. It is the definition of Chlamydia infection or what it is actually about. Chlamydia infection is a sexually transmitted infection. It is passed from one person to another through sexual contact. The cause is bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. It is a serious illness that can cause permanent damage in women’s reproductive system. Women have serious disadvantage if infected this illness because it will make them very difficult or even impossible to get pregnant. Men and women are possible to have Chlamydia without any symptoms. You can have high possibility of infected it if you have sex without a condom as safety. It is also possible if you have many partners to do sexual contact or if you have been infected with Chlamydia before that. That is why you need to be very careful in doing sexual contact. Make sure to use condom and do not have sex with many people.

Chlamydia Symptoms

The next things people are very curious are about the symptoms. There are some situations that may indicate that you are infected Chlamydia infection. There will be several different symptoms between men and women. In men, there is high possibility that the Chlamydia may produce a urethritis. It is an infection that occurs in urethra. The next symptom in men is a discharge from the penis. Although there are many people that do not have any symptoms but this symptom often happens. The next symptom in men is that they may get a burning sensation when they are urinating. Men may also experience pain and swelling in their testicles. There are also those who feel itchy in the opening of the penis.

We are done discussing about the symptoms that happen in men, the next one is those happen to women. It is almost the same with men, there are also many women who do not have any symptom. However, there are also those who suffer so much. The first one is genital Chlamydia infections. The cervix can be infected. If the cervix is infected, it is very possible that it will spread to the fallopian tubes. If it happens, it may also cause pelvic inflammatory disease. Another symptom is that it is possible to get vaginal discharge. Just like the symptoms in men, women can also experience burning or pain while urinating. Lower abdominal pain is also possible to attack them. There are also some who get fever or intercourse pain and even bleeding between periods. Those are pretty serious so when you realize you suffer those symptoms mentioned above, you better go to your doctor right away.

How to Prevent Chlamydia Infection

Because this article is to describe about the symptoms, prevention and treatment of Chlamydia infection, and we have described the symptoms that may happen in both men and women, so let us move on to the next point that is about how to prevent it. You can always do something to prevent you from getting some diseases. There are several things you can do to prevent Chlamydia infection.

The first one is that you need to be careful in doing sexual contact. You have to think about your safety. You can use condom. Another way is to not have anal or oral sex. The next one is that you cannot do sexual contact with many people because it raises the probability of you to get infected Chlamydia. To make sure that it is safe to do sexual contact, you better get your partner tested to know whether they are infected or not. If you are in the middle of doing your treatment because you are positively infected, you need to be patient to not have sex until your antibiotic treatment is completed or if your partner is the one who is infected, make sure he/she finishes her antibiotic treatment first. Another important thing is that if you have ever infected Chlamydia, you need to always do follow up test to monitor the development of it because it is possible to come again if it is not cleared completely. If you are healthy and do not feel any symptoms mentioned above, you still need to always do regular screening to make sure that you are indeed not infected by it because there are so many cases that people do not suffer from any symptoms mentioned above but actually are infected Chlamydia.

Treatment of Chlamydia

This one is the most important thing and maybe the most anticipated by the readers. It is about the treatment of Chlamydia infection. Chlamydia infection can actually be cured by using antibiotics. People call it antibiotics treatment. If you take the prescription from the doctor diligently, you will be able to overcome this infection. However, you must remember that you cannot have sexual contact during your medication. If it is needed, you better do your medication together with your partner. The type of antibiotics that are usually used are oral antibiotics. The medication usually takes seven days, so it is not really a long time.