4 Common Skin Problems and How to Handle them?

The skin is the body’s biggest organ, accounting for 15% of a person’s overall body weight. It is necessary to establish a skincare routine to protect and enhance your body’s largest organ. All skincare regimes must consist of 5 components: cleanser, toner, pre-treatment, moisturiser and sunscreen. However, Common Skin Problems can occasionally rear their heads even with an established skincare routine. If you are experiencing any skin concerns, it may be time for a reassessment of your skincare routine and get a facial in Melbourne city. This article will guide you through the process of tweaking your skincare routine and help you tackle the 4 most Common Skin Problems.


Acne is an unpleasant and unsightly among Common Skin Problems. Untreated acne can lead to hyperpigmentation, scarring, and eroded self-confidence.

A skincare routine is a crucial component of combating and preventing acne. Make sure you create a skincare routine based on your skin type. Assess whether you have dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin. Consider adding an over-the-counter acne treatment that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. If you have dry or sensitive skin, a less harsh alternative to salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide for dry skin is sulfur.

There are several lifestyle habits you can adjust to minimise acne breakouts. Stay hydrated, eat healthy, engage in stress-relieving activities, and regularly change your pillowcase. Do not scratch or pick at pimples. Pimple popping can lead to hyperpigmentation and scarring.

If you have implemented all of the above methods, it may be time to visit one of the many spas in Melbourne for an enzymatic or hyaluronic peel treatment.


Redness, inflammation, scaly, or itchy skin are the hallmark signs of rosacea. Rosacea can become inflamed and sore if left untreated.

Rosacea can occur due to pollution, sun exposure, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), stress, spicy and highly processed foods. Identify the cause of the rosacea and limit your exposure to these causes in your environment. Reassess your current skincare products. Avoid and cull any skincare products with alcohol, parabens, silicones, foaming agents, artificial fragrances, petrolatum, BHAs/AHAs, and harsh antibacterials.

Protect your skin from the sun by avoiding direct sunlight, and ensure you wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Does your skin feel rough, tight, scaly, or flaky? You are most likely suffering from dry skin. Address dry skin concerns as soon as they crop up, as dry skin can lead to dermatitis and skin infections if left untreated.

Lifestyle changes you can make to improve dry skin are: limiting showers to 10 minutes and opting for a lukewarm flow rather than piping hot. Curb alcohol and nicotine consumption.

To treat and prevent dry skin, switch to face cleansers that contain one or more of the following ingredients: lanolin, paraffin, polyethylene glycol, silicone surfactants, or alkyl-polyglucoside. These ingredients will help your skin retain moisture.

After cleansing, make sure you moisturise and use a barrier cream to protect your skin from harsh chemicals and pollutions in the environment. As with all skincare routines, be sure you finish off by applying sunscreen for UV protection, no matter the weather. Finally, when it comes to makeup, choose hypoallergenic products.


Hyperpigmentation is the darkening and discoloration of the skin and occurs when the body produces an excess of melanin – the pigment that gives skin colour. Sun exposure, post-acne scarring, and aging lead to hyperpigmentation

Use products that visibly correct dark spots on the skin and even complexion. Products that contain vitamin C, retinoids such as tretinoin, azelaic acid, corticosteroids, and kojic acid lighten hyperpigmentation.

Always wear sunscreen and limit touching your skin, do not scratch or pick at your skin.

If you suffer from severe hyperpigmentation, seek assistance from a skincare professional. A great skincare professional can administer laser therapy, skin needling, and peels to treat hyperpigmentation.

If you experience any severe skin concern, don’t be shy to enlist the help of a professional.

Great skincare isn’t just about having one skincare routine and sticking to it. Assess your skin regularly over time. Tune into what your skin needs and adjust your skincare as necessary. You will be able to manage any skin concern that might come your way if you remember this golden rule.