Top 3 Hockey Players Gordon, Wayne Gretzky and Jamie Benn

Hockey is popular globally. Hockey was considered as the natinal game of India. During significant tournaments, lots of people cannot stop watching them and look for 22Bet Ghana contacts to place their bets. There are many types of Hockey we play such as field hockey, ice hockey, roller hockey, rink hockey and floor hockey. Yet, many fans look at the game not of the whole team but a particular player. Here are the most popular hockey players of different times.

Ice Hockey Player Gordon Howe

This sportsman played as a forward in several teams from 1946 to the early 80’s. His playing activity lasted 35 years. Gordon is a Canadian professional ice hockey player. He was borned on March 31, 1928. He played hockey during 1946 to 1980. Gordon is the son of son of Katherine and Albert Howe. At the age of 15 only, Howe started playing Hockey as one of his favorite game.

Howe is the most titled hockey player in the world, the winner of a huge number of awards. He won as many as 4 Stanley Cups! In the 70’s he was immortalized in the Hockey Hall of Fame. He is considered to be the best representative of this sport of all times. Gordon Howe participated in almost 2 thousand matches. He expired on 10th june, 2016 at the age of 88. Howe was listed among one of the “100 Greatest NHL Players“. His wife was Colleen Howe. She is the founder of “Power Play International” and “Power Play Publications”. Howe has 2 sons Marty and Mark.

Hockey and Wayne Gretzky

The full name of Wayne Gretzky is Wayne Douglas Gretzky. Gretzky borned on 26th Jan, 1961. He was a Canadian hockey player. Mr Wayne played 20 seasons of NHL (National Hockey League). Wayne Gretzky was the center forward. He is considered one of the most famous hockey players of the 20th century and was nicknamed “The Great” by his fans. Wayne Gretzky is a four-time Stanley Cup winner and the only North American hockey player to make it to the IIHF. Wayne worked until the year 1999 with hockey industry.

Wayne Gretzky received the honorary title of the most valuable player nine times. Like all presented players, his name is also in the Hockey Hall of Fame. After leaving the sport he became a coach and went into business. Life partner of Wayne was Janet Jones. She is an american actress. They have 5 children Paulina Gretzky, Emma Gretzky, Trevor Gretzky, Ty Gretzky, Tristan Gretzky.

Renowned Hockey Player Jamie Benn

Jamie Benn has become one of the brightest players in the league in recent years. Benn borned on 18th July 1989. Jamie is the son of Randy Benn and Heather Benn. His Siblings are Jordie Benn and Jenny Benn. As a close girl friend Jessica Bennett and Jamie Benn story was well popular in hockey industry. He is a Candian ice hockey player. He started his career in hockey in the year 2007. He is a universal player and can play both on the edge and in the center. It is hard to believe, but apart from being a bombardier, he is also good at fighting.

He has leadership qualities. The Dallas captain never gives up and continues beating to the last second. In the last few seasons, he has missed only one game. He worked for Dallas Stars and Canadian National Men’s Hockey Team.

Other popular Hockey Players

Hockey is a very popular game in many Countries. In a Hockey team total 11 members are there including goalkeeper. As per the rules total 16 team members are allow in Hockey. Some of the old Hockey leagues are National Hockey League (1917), American Hockey League (1936), Federal Hockey League (2010), British Columbia Hockey League and Southern Professional Hockey League (2004).

After the above 3 personalities there are many popular Hockey Stars. Som of the popular Hockey players are Wayne Gretzky, Connor McDavid, Bobby Orr, Auston Matthews, Sidney Crosby, Maurice Richard, Nathan MacKinnon, Alexander Ovechkin, Jean Béliveau, Nikita Kucherov, Terry Sawchuk, Steve Yzerman, Jacques Plante and Elias Pettersson.