How to get rid of Stretch Marks after pregnancy?

How to get rid of Stretch Marks after pregnancy?

Our Skin is like Elastic. It consists of three layers Epidermis, Dermis & Hypodermic. Stretch marks happen in the mid layer of skin Dermis. When your body growth is more faster than the normal your skin can’t expand to meet this circumstance. Finally, Stretch marks appears. Stretch marks are normally appear on the area of buttocks, hips, abdomen (lower part of belly), breast & arms. Internally your skin contains an elastic fiber layer. With excess & faster physical growth these layer getting break into pieces & generates Stretch marks. Especially Stretch marks appears in lower part of belly & breast areas of females. In case of male it appears mainly in joint areas & muscles. According to the American Academy of Dermatology about 95% of women get stretch marks from the 6 or 7 months of pregnancy. In this session let us discuss some of the effective home remedies about “How to get rid of Stretch marks?”.

Causes of Stretch marks

1. Heredity & Hormonal Problems

Stretch mark is a genetic problems. It follow heredity. If your mother is having stretch marks, there is more chance you can have too. Also sometimes stretch marks develop due to hormonal problems.

2. Sudden weight gain or loss

Due to some certain scenario like delivery or heavy body building creates weight gain. This rapid change to body growth not giving sufficient time for our skin elastic fibers to grow according. In this result you can have Stretch marks.

3. Skin Problems

Some skins are dry type. In this case due loss of fluid substances skin is less elastic. For this type of skins stretch marks is a common problem. Skins those are well hydrate & more elastic they have less chance to get stretch marks. Oily skins have less chance to get Stretch marks then Dry Skins.

Know how to get rid of Stretch marks

1. In case of pregnancy from 4 month onwards start using Coconut oil or some cream suggest by your family doctor. Massage the oil everyday before into bed regularly. It keeps your skin elastic fibers more active to meet the instant physical changes or growth. If you are using oil massage from 4th to 9th month regularly there is very less chance to get delivery stretch marks.

2. Castor Oil is an effective home remedy to cure many skin problems. If you have stretch marks, take 50 gram Castor Oil & gently massage it on the affected areas. During massage massage in circular motions at-least for 10 to 15 minutes. Do this once a day for a month. This treatment give positive results to cure stretch marks.

3. Aloe Vera oil is rich with antioxidants & Vitamin E. Regular massage of Aloe Vera oil helps to repair Skin. In case of stretch marks massage Aloe Vera oil & leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash it with lukewarm water.

4. Diets also very helpful to erase stretch marks. For healthy hydrate skin drink sufficient water. Per day take 6 to 7 glass of waters. Better if you can drink more water. Caffeinated coffee, tea & soda tend to dehydrate the skin leaving you more vulnerable to stretch marks. Eat foods that helps to promote your skin healthy. Deficiency in essential minerals and vitamins also leads to stretch marks. So proper and regular food is required. Take vitamins like Zinc, Vitamins A, C, D and protein rich foods. Here I am suggesting some foods. Take milk, bananas, eggs, fishes, fruit juices etc.

5. Egg whites contains Proteins & amino acids. Amino acids supply nutrients to nourish the skin. Which helps to keep our skin smooth & more elastic. Whip the whites of two eggs gently with a fork. Apply this to the stretch marks affected areas like a mask. Leave it for 30 to 45 minutes. Then wash it with cold water. After this it is more better if you massage olive oil. Weekly thrice do this treatment for a month.

6. Gentle rub warm olive oil on the area of Stretch marks. It helps to improve blood circulation and chance to reduce stretch marks to a great degree.

7. Once you have stretch marks it can curable using Surgery. Skin treatments like Dermabrasion, chemical peel & advance laser treatment stretch marks can be removed permanently. But these are Costly treatments.

8. Potato juice is a cheaper home remedy to treat stretch marks. The chemical composition of Potato juice helps to foster growth & restoration of skin cells. To do this treatment take 2 potatoes & grind them well like a paste. Apply this paste on stretch mark areas like a mask. Keep this for 10 to 15 minutes & then wash it with lukewarm water.

9. My best advice keep your skin healthy, which will minimize the chance of stretch marks. We already discussed your skin is like an elastic layer. In case you found any unfavorable condition about your physical growth. Use medicated skin creams to keep your skin wet. It helps to expand skin fibers & reduce the chance to Stretch marks.