Do Body Sculpting Treatments really Help to burn Fat?

Body sculpting or body contouring has sneaked its way to being one of the most popular and trusted aesthetic treatments currently available in the market. Celebrities like the Kardashians have been pivotal in spreading awareness about body sculpting treatments influencing millions of followers to elevate their beauty game.

Body sculpting offers various surgical and non-surgical treatment options, allowing customers to choose the treatment that fits them best. While there are numerous benefits of body contouring treatment that help you shape specific body parts, we are here to address one of the grand claims associated with the treatment process: Apoptosis.

Does body sculpting kill fat cells enabling your body to appear slimmer?

Yes, body sculpting uses different heating and cooling techniques to target the appearance of fat on specific areas of the body. The treatment process kills fat cells that fail to be excreted in a couple of months, helping you look slimmer with the body of your dreams. Body sculpting treatments use a mixture of ultrasound, heat, and cooling techniques to shrink the fat cells in targeted body parts. As a result, the complete treatment process ends with killing the fat cells in the desired area.

However, this doesn’t mean you get to binge on greasy street food and an unhealthy diet without gaining weight. If you continue leading a sedentary lifestyle with a lack of exercise and poor eating habits, the fat cells that had been shrunk in the targeted area through the body sculpting procedure will expand, making you appear bigger.

While the fat cells that were killed in the process won’t come back, gaining weight through improper lifestyle habits can render the entire process of body contouring futile. Body sculpting is essentially a shaping and toning treatment ideal for people suffering from loose skin post extreme weight loss or aging or people from the beauty industry who wish to get a more refined body shape.

It is ideal for those struggling to shape certain specific body parts but maintains a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. Body sculpting targets stubborn fat that can’t be eliminated through training and other traditional weight loss methods. Let us look at the types of body sculpting treatment options available in the market to help you choose the most effective one for your needs.


CoolSculpting is as ‘cool’ as it sounds. It is an FDA-approved aesthetic beautification treatment that freezes fat cells in the targeted body area. Cryolipolysis is the process of freezing fat cells inside the body and killing them, which get excreted naturally by our bodies for a couple of months.

While cool sculpting is a body sculpting technique that focuses on toning and shaping targeted body parts, the fat reduction that happens along the way is a bonus treat! The results from cool sculpting are permanent as long as you maintain your weight through healthy eating and exercising habits.

Why Choose CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting offers flexibility and variety, allowing you to treat multiple body parts at once. A typical cool sculpting treatment lasts about 30 minutes. Imagine targeting your double chin in under 30 minutes with this FDA certification.

Who Shouldn’t Choose CoolSculpting?

For people who are sensitive to cold temperatures as a side effect of pre-existing medical conditions, CoolSculpting may not be ideal for you. The usual side effects reported by people sensitive to changing temperatures are minor pain and other minor complications. An infrequent side effect that occurs in less than 1% of people is fat cells growing in the treated area requiring removal surgically.


Instead of using cold, warm sculpting utilizes heat from lasers to destroy fat cells. The procedure for both CoolSculpting and WarmSculpting is the same – targeting fat cells, eliminating them, and slowly excreting them from the body.

WarmSculpting is FDA-approved for some regions of the body. Once this procedure is finished throughout a couple of months, you will witness a significant reduction in fat in your targeted area.

Why Choose WarmSculpting?

WarmSculpting helps people with small areas of stubborn fat, especially subcutaneous fat that can otherwise be difficult to eliminate. You can witness permanent results as long as you maintain your weight and physical health.

Who Shouldn’t Choose WarmSculpting?

It can be challenging to use WarmSculpting treatment on curved body parts, limiting your patient’s options. The common side effect associated with WarmSculpting is feeling a slight burning sensation due to the heat, which resolves itself independently.

Body FX

Body FX treatment is a subsection of body sculpting treatments using radio-frequency energy and lasers to stimulate collagen growth and fat reduction. The new collagen growth induced by Body FX treatments tightens your skin, enabling the removal of the appearance of cellulite. It means that you would see a difference in the fat amount and visible skin tightness.

Why choose Body FX?

Body FX is popular among celebrities and other beauty industry giants because it targets fat cells while simultaneously tightening skin as opposed to other body sculpting treatments that only target fat cells.

One of the significant benefits of Body FX is that it simultaneously targets fat cells and tightens the skin.

Body FX is ideal for people looking to get rid of sagging skin or loose skin in addition to the elimination of fat cells and cellulite reduction.

Why Shouldn’t you Choose Body FX?

The common side effects reported with the Body FX treatment are redness, swelling, and itching in the application area that resolves itself naturally. It may also take as long as six months for visible results to appear compared to other treatments.

Parting Words

BodySculpting combines exercise, healthy eating along with heat, warm and ultrasound techniques. Schedule your Body FX or BodySculpting treatment at Baton Rouge today to reduce fat and tighten skin.