Things to Know while Writing a Motivation Letter for Student Exchange

For students who wish to visit a foreign country, a Student Exchange program may be the perfect opportunity to achieve this. It’s the chance to broaden your horizons by moving to a different state (even if it’s for a short while), learn a new culture and perhaps language.

However, it comes with what many may feel like an unnecessary challenge; having to write a motivation letter for student exchange. If you are lucky, the faculty program may provide you with specific details to include.

Though, most times, it’s up to you to make that decision. Whatever the case, here’s what you need to know about personal ethics statements for a student exchange program:

Think through your reasons for wishing to study abroad

It is a question that you will need to respond to, even when applying for a VISA. It is a chance for you to demonstrate to the program facilitators that you have put careful thought into the decision to study abroad.

You may need to research on the aspects of the foreign country that sets it apart from your home country. Also, elaborate on the importance of pursuing your studies in that country, or program. To equip you with international experience, for your personal or professional growth, perhaps.

Start with an interesting introduction

In the introduction of the letter, you could give a general overview of the reasons why you would like to participate in the program. It should be something that compels the reviewer to read to the end, as you are competing with numerous other candidates.

Give them a valid reason why they should consider you, and your application. Talk about your interests or anything that’s relevant. Be concise and go straight to the point.

Highlight any of your international experiences, if you have any, too.

Demonstrate that you get along with others

Going abroad means interacting with people whose beliefs and culture may be different from yours. Expert personal statement writer will showcase your suitability, in the motivation letter.

It’s not about being friendly or social, but demonstrating that you can handle multicultural interactions, maturely. Be direct and sincere in your writing. Also, show that you are enthusiastic about the program.

Address your Future Plans

In the letter of motivation, our interests and goals may be what sets you apart from the rest. Highlight them, here. State your future aspirations, and long-term goals.

Present the new experiences you would like gain from the trip. Showcase the lessons you may learn from the visit. If it’s for the completion of your studies, show how this will be of benefit to your home and host country.

Reveal something about yourself is the first impression

It is the first impression that the reader gets about you. Therefore, you need to make it count. Whatever you include, should be meaningful.

Refrain from exaggerating about your accomplishments. Express the desire to gain intercultural skills and learn the local culture. It should be genuine interest.


A letter of motivation for student exchange is an important document. Remember, chances are, many other candidates are applying for the same opportunity. Put your best foot forward.

Don’t forget to proofread it before you send the letter. It demonstrates that you are serious and professional.