Computer Science Careers – Examples of Career Options

Computer science careers may not come highly recommended to you by your parents or grandparents but more and more college students today are fortunately brave enough not to listen to the elders or parents advice on what course to engage in. Sometimes, you really have to look deep within inside what you really desire. This may not make you an instant celebrity or filthy rich in no time, but certainly, it will make you more fulfilled in life. Of course, you do not want to earn a degree for nothing. It is always good to analyze what you have right now and what you can do to achieve the career you want.

Arguably, computer science careers are still in demand today. However, this course is not for those who hate math and analysis. Before you can say that you have graduated in college with a degree in computer science, you must be able to boast that you have done/know/accomplish the following: you have learned how to write different programming languages, you learned C (turbo C), learn microeconomics, you passed non-CS subjects even if they are completely boring, you have taken up and mastered programming-intensive classes, you stop to worry about all computer science jobs moving to India and get a great summer internship.

Computer Science Careers – Examples of Career Options

If you are one of those who are gunning for ace computer science careers and have already completed college, here are some career ideas for your future.

Take Various IT Positions

Most computer science majors snatch entry level jobs within the IT or information technology sector. What they do usually is a mix of software designing, implementation and technology development. Basically, all that concern analyzing business in terms of computerization and improving the organization’s system concern IT work. There are various specific IT jobs available in the market. Those who want to gain more advantage and establish computer science careers take classes for SAP, Oracle and other different systems. This will give you serious competitive advantage over others within the job market.

Freelance Computer Programming

If you are not the type who would like to stay in the office 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, then freelancing may be a great computer science career for you. All that you have learned in the university prepared you to become expert in basic programming within diverse range f businesses. You can also do work-from-home projects, but you should be highly motivated to keep a job like this.

Writing or Blogging about the Industry

If you are genetically gifted or someone who was lucky enough to be good in Math and English, then you may earn capitalizing on both expertise. You may set up a blog that will allow you to explain technological concepts and terms to a wide readership. There are also large magazine ventures that hunt for writer with specialty in computer science.


There are some computer science graduates who take the educators career path. People who are interested and passionate to share technological skills and knowledge to students, then becoming a computer science teacher or professor may just be the career perfect for you.

In any industry, there will always be a number of career opportunities available and choosing one of the many computer science careers can be a very daunting process. It is normal for any computer science graduate to go from one career to another, but remember, to have an established career you need experience. So once you have picked out the best among the many available computer science careers, stick with it.