How to Write a Letter to Uncle about the Future Career Plan?

Some of you have a problem when it comes to writing a letter to uncle. It becomes worse if you need to inform him about your future career plan. It can be an overwhelming experience. There are always complex thoughts. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Putting feelings and thoughts into words is considered difficult. There are many things to consider as well. The most important thing is to understand how you feel. This helps you deliver a message to your uncle. Not to mention you must write at your own pace.

Things to Consider

It’s also important to decide how formal the letter should be. It depends on how close your relationship with your uncle is. You can write casually if you are close enough to him. The first part of the letter is a salutation. “Hello” is a common greeting to use. It’s usually tailed by his name. You don’t need to address him with “Mr.” Write the letter as efficient as possible. You only need to deliver what you need to communicate. Just tell him that you have made a plan for your future career.

You can easily write a letter to uncle if you know what to write. You must ensure that you are sure about sending it. Once it goes to the mailbox, you can’t retrieve the letter. An informal letter should also have a good closing. It reflects how close your relationship with your uncle. You can use good words like “Fondly” or similar words. Usually, a casual letter doesn’t include a P.S or postscript. Still, you can include it as needed. The letter must use an envelope and get stamped prior to sending.

An Example of a Letter to Uncle about Being a Lawyer

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Dear uncle,

Please accept my lovely salute. You are always asking me about my plans after my study. Well, I may tell you now through this letter. You know that I’m passionate about my study. As a student, I want to pass my final examination with credit. I want to have a higher education. I have decided to be a layer. Perhaps you may overlook my dream. I have a strong will, though. I want to tell my reasons to be a lawyer. I believe that you may support me in the end.

My biggest motivation is the money. I recognize lawyers are professionals with lots of income. Due to this reason, I want to support my parents and my family. The salary is quite tempting. It’s above the average. My aim is to be a top lawyer so I can get million dollar incomes in the near future. I’m aware of the competition. Thus, I need to work hard. I will build as much experience as possible. However, I don’t want to sacrifice my integrity for money. I also want to be a lawyer with honor.

Apart from the money, I also aim for prestige. A lawyer represents both social degree and prestige. I want to explore the world of elite professionals. It makes me motivated. I want to earn respect and success with hard work. I want to achieve that glamorous image of an attorney. Do you think that I’m egoistic? You are wrong, uncle. One of my motivations is the opportunity to help others. A lawyer is a good career. I will be able to help either individuals or organizations with their legal issues. I’m determined to be useful for public.

Being a lawyer gives me an intellectual challenge. It’s both rewarding and challenging. In order to deal with the cases, I need to put my best efforts. I want to be a problem solver and effective thinker. Otherwise, I won’t be able to be a successful lawyer. There are different practice areas. That means I can choose a specialization. I want to buy a public lawyer, actually. The thing is I don’t want to work in a cubicle. Being a lawyer gives me an opportunity to work in my own office. That’s for sure.

My next reason is the flexibility. I will be able to make my own hours. I also set my own fees. The job gives me flexibility. Thus, I can manage my personal and professional matters. Overall, being a lawyer is incredibly helpful. It’s a wonderful career. I can even travel to numerous countries for the sake of my job. I can meet other professionals like politicians, tycoons, celebrities, sports geniuses, etc. It’s definitely my dream job. I’m gladly telling you about it.

So what do you think? You know that I’m a big dreamer, don’t you? I will study harder and prove it to you. In our next meeting, I hope that I have already been a lawyer. I believe that you may support my dream. You are my best uncle and you are my friend. Thanks for the inspiration. You are a hard worker. Not to mention you are brilliant. I respect you a lot. I hope I can see you soon, uncle. Wish me luck!

Your loving nephew,


Tricks to Write a Letter

Writing a letter to uncle isn’t as difficult as you think. As mentioned earlier, you need to decide whether you need to write a formal or informal letter. In this case, a letter to uncle is usually casual and informal. It depends on your closeness to him, though. Make sure that you use appropriate language and words. There has been an example above. It can be used as a reference. Each of you has something to say, after all. You can write freely based on your need.

Overall, it should be simple and informative. Writing a letter to uncle can be done in minutes. What about the length? It depends on the message. Some of you want it to the point. The others decide to write it long and interesting. One thing, it shouldn’t be boring. There’s the chance that your uncle won’t reply the letter. You shouldn’t be disappointed. Perhaps he’s too busy with his work. You need to expect it a little bit longer. If he doesn’t reply, you can call him by phone.