Help on your New Graduate Nurse Cover Letter Writing in 2019

A well-written cover letter could decide whether or not you get the job you are looking. Most individuals do not comprehend the importance of having a compelling cover letter. It is part of the first impression that you make, and first impressions matter a lot. Writing a new graduate nurse cover letter is quite challenging. Without proper guidance, you will probably end up writing a lot of wrong things; or even worse write nothing. As such, it is advisable to take your time before writing your final piece.

Life has been made less complicated by existing online resources that iron out the problem for you. For instance, as a nurse, if you want to write your labor and delivery cover letter, all you need is to find the appropriate sites.

Which site offers labor and delivery cover letter writing services?

1. Rnresume

It could be argued as the best site to offer solutions to all your nursing problems. The place is exemplary and exclusively provides services related to the nursing industry. From cove letters to any other nursing related document.

For your cover letter, they will produce the final document within a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the site is proven and has a significant number of satisfied clients. It boasts a pool of experienced and expert writers who will give you the best results.

Other sites for new graduate nurse cover letter.

2. ResumeGenius

In addition to the timely nature of the site, you get to select how you want your cover letter to appear from a list of tested cover letter samples. Just answer some simple questions relating to your cover letter, and they do the rest for you, including adding your BLS certification on resume.

3. LiveCareer

Imagine developing a cover letter designed to meet all the requirements of employers in the field. Now you can with LiveCareer. No need to worry about the gaps in your career, as the site will carefully outline your years in a way that ensures continuity and a smooth flow.

4. SmartCoverLetter

The first thing that attracts you to this site is the simple interface it possesses. Cover letters produced by them appear professional in every sense. Just a template of your choice and fill in the blank spaces. It has some good reviews, making it quite a reliable source. Also, the prices are quite affordable.

5. Fiverr

For a few bucks, your cover letter will be ready and good enough. The beautiful interface offers an interactive platform for all the users. Log into the site and place your request.

6. Ultius

Their main feature that stands out is that they offer you American writers who qualified from prestigious universities; hence the quality of work is topnotch. It is an excellent choice when it comes to writing your cover letter.


If you want a good cover letter at an affordable price, then look no further. The rates are meager, and the quality of work is satisfactory. Their cover letters will definitely and you the job you seek.

Is the new graduate nurse cover letter writing the future?

Though some may argue that these will face out the need to work hard at your cover letter, it is still an absolute fact that nobody knows you better than yourself. As such, only you can write the perfect cover letter for yourself.

Final take on cover letter writing

As a graduate nurse, ensure you exploit all opportunities to come up with the best cover letter for yourself.