Types of Sentences in English (Simple, Compound, Complex)

A word or a group of words expressing a complete and meaningful sense is called a sentence. There are 3 types of sentences in English grammar Simple Sentences, Compound Sentences and Complex Sentences. Further Simple Sentences are divided into 4 types Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, Exclamatory Sentences. Let us discuss all those type of sentences in below.

Simple Sentences

A sentence having a single clause is called simple sentence. In other words, a sentence consisting of a subject & a finite verb is called a simple sentence.

Examples – The birds fly in the sky, The dog ran after the ball, Blue and Red are her favourite colours, Man is mortal, God is omniscient, omnipotent & omnipresent.

Compound Sentences

When two or more then two clauses joined by a coordinator is called compound sentence.

For example cow is a domestic animal but tiger is a wild animal, I mate an old man and he was a doctor.

Complex Sentences

When two or more then two clauses joined by a sub-ordinators like which, who, where, what & that etc. is called a complex sentence.

For example I mate an old man who was a doctor, My friend brought a pen that is blue in color.

A new type of sentence has been evolved due to the fusion of complex & compound sentences. It is called complex-compound sentence.

Complex-Compound Sentences

When two or more independent clauses & one or more dependent clauses are joined by a coordinator is called complex-compound sentence.

Example The boy loves ice-cream because it is tasty and I love taking ice-cream because it is delicious.

Simple sentences is broadly divided into 4 types:

  • Declarative/Assertive Sentences
  • Interrogative Sentences
  • Imperative Sentences
  • Exclamatory Sentences

Declarative/Assertive Sentences

The sentence that declares a statement is called Declarative Sentence. It is otherwise known as assertive sentence. The Declarative Sentence is further divided into two kinds Affirmative Sentence & Negative Sentence.

Affirmative Sentence: An affirmative sentence is any sentence that is positive.

Negative Sentence: A negative sentence is a sentence that represents a negative thought, action or opinion.

For example Oil floats on water, Sunita is a good singer (opinion) (declaration), Barking dogs seldom bite (proverb), All that glitters is not gold, Rome is not built in a day, Past never comes back.

Interrogative Sentences

The sentence that denotes a question statement is called an Interrogative Sentence. It is also of two types – yes/no question, wh-question.

For example Do the children play cricket everyday?, What is your profession?, Who is your godfather?, Are you feeling alright? and When are you going to London?

Imperative Sentences

The sentences that express the mood of advice, request, order, command, offer, instruction, suggestion, direction, wish & warning are called the Imperative Sentences. Generally the Imperative Sentences begin with a verb.

For example Obey your parents, Take a cup of Coffee, Get out (Command), Let’s go to the book fair (suggestion), Open your book at page 25, Turn left after the traffic post, Be careful.

Exclamatory Sentences

The sentences that express a strong but spontaneous feeling such as surprise or wonder or fear or hate are called Exclamatory Sentences. This kind of sentence generally begins with what or how & ends with an exclamatory mark (!).

For example What an intelligent boy he is!, How beautiful the scenic landscape of the hill is!, What a nice experience it is!, Oh my God! It is raining. (surprise) and What a beautiful scene! (wonder).

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