Types of Sentences in English (Simple, Compound, Complex)

A word or a group of words expressing a complete and meaningful sense is called a sentence. There are 3 types of sentences in English grammar Simple Sentences, Compound Sentences and Complex Sentences. Further Simple Sentences are divided into 4 types Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, Exclamatory Sentences. Let us discuss all those type of sentences in below.

Simple Sentences – A sentence having a single clause is called simple sentence. In other words, a sentence consisting of a subject & a finite verb is called a simple sentence. Examples – The birds fly in the sky, Man is mortal, God is omniscient, omnipotent & omnipresent.

Compound Sentences – When two or more then two clauses joined by a coordinator is called compound sentence. For example cow is a domestic animal but tiger is a wild animal, I mate an old man and he was a doctor.

Complex Sentences – When two or more then two clauses joined by a sub-ordinators like which, who, where, what & that etc. is called a complex sentence. For example I mate an old man who was a doctor, My friend brought a pen that is blue in color.

A new type of sentence has been evolved due to the fusion of complex & compound sentences. It is called complex-compound sentence.

Complex-Compound Sentences – When two or more independent clauses & one or more dependent clauses are joined by a coordinator is called complex-compound sentence. Example – The boy loves ice-cream because it is tasty and I love taking ice-cream because it is delicious.

Simple sentences is broadly divided into 4 types:

  • Declarative Sentences
  • Interrogative Sentences
  • Imperative Sentences
  • Exclamatory Sentences

Declarative Sentences – The sentence that declares a statement is called Declarative Sentence. It is otherwise known as assertive sentence. The Declarative Sentence is further divided into two kinds Affirmative Sentence & Negative Sentence. For example Oil floats on water, All that glitters is not gold, Rome is not built in a day, Past never comes back.

Interrogative Sentences – The sentence that denotes a question statement is called an Interrogative Sentence. It is also of two types – yes/no question, wh-question. For example Do the children play cricket everyday?, What is your profession? Who is your godfather?

Imperative Sentences – The sentences that express the mood of advice, request, order, command, offer, instruction, suggestion, direction, wish & warning are called the Imperative Sentences. Generally the Imperative Sentences begin with a verb. For example – Obey your parents, Take a cup of Coffee, Open your book at page 25, Turn left after the traffic post, Be careful.

Exclamatory Sentences – The sentences that express a strong but spontaneous feeling such as surprise or wonder or fear or hate are called Exclamatory Sentences. This kind of sentence generally begins with what or how & ends with an exclamatory mark (!). For example – What an intelligent boy he is!, How beautiful the scenic landscape of the hill is!, What a nice experience it is!.

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