What is parts of Speech? – Fundamentals of English Grammar

Grammar is the Soul of a Language. No language can be used correctly without correct grammatical usage. So fundamental grammatical knowledge is essential for learning a language. As English is a global language & highly necessary for modern trade and commerce, communication & education, the fundamentals of English grammar is a must for students, teachers & common people for day-to-day use.

Generally fundamentals of English grammar begins from parts of speech. “Parts of speech” is a basic concept without which English can’t be learn.

What is Parts of speech?

Each & Every word of a meaningful sentence is called a part of speech. There are 8 parts of speech in English. Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction & Interjection.

What is Noun?

Noun is a naming word. The name of a person, place, thing or quality is called noun. Jagannath, David, Mary, London, Table, Television, Knowledge, Character etc. are a few examples of Noun. Noun is broadly divided into 5 groups. Proper Noun, Common Noun, Collective Noun, Material Noun & Abstract Noun.

What is Pronoun?

The word which is used instead of noun is called pronoun. I, we, you, my, your, our, his, her, they, thy, thee, this, that are some examples of pronoun.

What is Adjective?

The word that qualifies the noun is called Adjective. In other words, something that shows the quality, condition or state of a noun is called Adjective. Every adjective has 3 degrees i.e. Positive, Comparative & Superlative degree.

What is Verb?

Every action is a verb. Verb is a doing word. Eat, Sit, Greet, Read, Write, Stand, Sleep etc. are a few example of verb.

What is Adverb?

The word that qualifies the verb is called adverb. In other words, something that characteristics the quality, condition or state of the verb is called adverb. Example – The old man walks slowly. Here “slowly” qualifies the verb & thus it is an adverb.

What is Preposition?

The word that shows the placement or position of the noun is called Preposition. In other words, the word that relates the subject with the rest part of the sentence is called Preposition. It is otherwise known as the magic word of English grammar. On, in, by, between, among, along, across, against, about are some example of Preposition.

What is Conjunction?

The words or expressions used to join two words or two parts of a sentence or two ideas or two different sentences in a meaningful manner is called Conjunction. And, as well as, after, before, but, so that, such that, because are the examples of Conjunction.

What is Interjection?

Interjection are exclamatory words. The words that express strong & spontaneous feeling such as surprise, wonder, fear & hate are called Interjection. Ah, oh, fie, hurray, lo, wow, yahoo are a few examples of Interjection. Generally these interjection are used in exclamatory sentences.

However critical comments & suggestions about all these parts of speech are most welcome from readers all over the world.