How to have a Good & Strong Relationship? – Relationship Tips

Relation and relationship are wonderful words with many shades attached to them. Men and women in their adult life share relationships at various levels. The relationship, at times, can be of non serious or casual nature. There are few instances when it exists only at platonic level. However, most commonly found forms of man-woman relationships are very real and occupy much wider space at emotional and psychological levels, in everybody’s minds. The sum total of the individual emotional status, is indicative of general health status of the society’s psyche. Hence maintaining healthy relations is of paramount importance, because it would decide the status of society’s emotional health. To maintain perfect relationship know “How to have a Good & Strong Relationship?”.

The ways of keeping healthy relations with own partner is discussed in many forums at increasingly higher recurrence. Even counselors and psychologists are busy finding the right answers for all situational problems. But sometimes simple answers do exist for complex problems. Similarly, a few simple steps taken by individuals, involved in a relationship, can solve many intricately intertwined issues. The only requirement at taking these simple steps is earnestness and patience.


This is the most powerful tool available to humans for reaching an amicable solution to the most complicated or chronic issues. Ability to communicate opens up all avenues to resolve most problems seen in relationships. Most studies have indicated that misunderstandings between partners, caused during even trivial or humorous talk snowballs into bigger issues, if is effective communication is absent. Ease of communication is the key to increasing the trustworthiness of self. If the trust quotient is high, then healthy relationships can be maintained.


Talking openly to partner on all subjects allows convergence of views. Individual partners can think differently. However, the discussion allows peeping into divergent viewpoints. Once the similarity of views is established, other complex matters also can be taken up of open talk. Even if, it is found that diametrically opposite opinions or viewpoints are shared by the partners, earnest efforts need to be made of partners to find a common ground, to reach eventually, a consensual mutually acceptable approach. Negative connotations in any communication are harmful. Show of anger, personal criticisms and withdrawal from discussion table and such negative actions make the relationship go sour.

Explicit Show of Interest

Sustenance of love in a relationship is seen generally with ups and downs. The relationship, which starts as very intense and firm, tends to face upheavals over the passage of time. The reduced show of interest is likely to be construed as absence of love. Hence the partners have to revive their mutual love and interest by explicit methods. Such a scheme can include revisiting the serene atmosphere of lush green parks, enjoying togetherness at fun and frolic programs like a picnic or a candle light dinner. The possibilities are endless. Regular occasions of similar nature can make the mutual bond stronger and can withstand small hiccups, which all relationships normally face.

Benefit of Doubt

Partners engaged in a robust and healthy relationship have to offer the benefit of the doubt to their counterpart in all untoward situations. All noted couples, who have exhibited healthy relationship norms, have confided in their memoirs that, they did face trying times. Nevertheless, their relationships survived because one partner could graciously give benefit of doubt to another, thereby salvaging the relations from situational storms. Partners in a healthy relationship have convinced themselves that, they are not born as angels. Erring partners must be given chance to rectify the mistakes. This is possible only with the show of magnanimity.

Admission of Guilt

The ability to openly admit, occurrence of mistakes, goes a long way in removing misunderstandings. Do not defend the indefensible, is the dictum to be followed without any exception. Admitting a mistake, allows the person to start the process of improvement and rectification. It also builds pressure on the individual, as not to repeat the same in future. The very act of accepting the guilt also underlines the importance of providing similar opportunities to partner, if the situation so arises. Most people probably fail on this count and end up in not so pleasant scenarios.

Acceptance of Reality

Sociologists have studied cases involving rupture in relationships. They have opined that a major reason in such failed patterns is stubbornness in one or both participating partners. Such a development takes place when individuals refuse to take cognizance of reality. Men and women, both categories, must face the reality, that they are indeed different from their counterparts. A man’s emotional set up and priorities are entirely different than that of his female partner. When both parties accept the reality, the chances of friction are greatly reduced. The result is always positive. A very healthy relationship develops and sustains.

Partners in a healthy relationship benefit themselves as individuals. They also contribute a lot towards stability of society in general and more importantly, towards well being of the nation.