The benefits of Hiring a Security Guard Services Company in Burnaby

There is no doubt that employing a professional security guard helps to ensure the safety of your guests at an event. There are multiple reasons why you should hire a security guard services company. The crime rates in Burnaby, Canada, remain low to moderate, but many drug users, petty crimes, and thefts are also increasing at an alarming rate.

Key Points to Remember When Hiring a Security Guard Services Company

When you are looking for companies that offer security guard services, you should consider your budget and ask other questions, e.g., how long the company has been in business? Do they have a good track record? And are they able to successfully manage significant events?

Here are some points to remember while choosing a security company:

1. Try to prioritize locally-owned companies because they will be able to give you better service and more personal attention.

2. Make sure the company primarily provides security services and nothing else.

3. Check the company background and their experience.

4. They should ensure you a quick response time.

5. A customer oriented company will give you better service.

What Benefits Do You Enjoy by Hiring a Security Guard Company?

Companies that offer security guard services in Burnaby understand that this security personnel is the first point of contact for guests and staff entering the event’s premises. They interact with visitors in a respectful manner that reflects not only their employers but also the client’s organization.

1. Professional Security Guards

The security guards that top security companies employ are physically fit, have excellent communication skills, and are impeccable at decision making due to their extensive training programs. They are also well versed in emergency procedures as that is one of the most crucial aspects of the job.

2. Damage and Safety Control

You may want to employ security guard services in Burnaby for a specific event, like a corporate one. At a corporate event, there is a dire need for a security guard service especially, if you host corporate events like conferences on a regular basis. A professional security guard will prevent any damage to the venues where the meeting will take place and ensure that the guests at the conference venue are not disturbed in any way. Therefore, increasing the overall safety.

3. Complete and Versatile Protection

The best security companies offer branded vehicle services with patrol cars where vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking and dash-cams, which ensure a fast response service and additional evidence to support incident reports. There are also some companies that go beyond and offer versatile protection, from bike patrol to foot patrol, that can easily cover any office or a facility’s campus as they can reach where patrol cars can’t.

4. Maintain the Order at your Workplace

Security guards are the first line of defence against any unlawful activities and crimes that occur at your workplace. They are skilled and highly trained to tackle such situations and also act as a disciplinary officer that maintains the order at your workplace and ensure that everyone follows the rules and regulations set by your organization. There are often reports of misconduct caused by an employee or visitors, and security guards can be used to take disciplinary action.

5. Provide Surveillance

Security guards provide added security through surveillance by patrolling your facility’s campus, monitoring security cameras, operating control room, responding to alarms, and even working the security gate. When a potential security threat knows your campus is under surveillance, there is minimum chance of violators and criminal activities.

6. Help in Managing the Crowd

Security guards can also assist you in managing the crowd, thus disrupting any mob fights that involve drunk and unruly people, crowd crushes, or riots at your facility’s campus.

7. Enhance Your Branding

This is one of the most unheard-of benefits that hiring a security guard service company can bring to your organization. Branding! Yes, you heard that right; security guards can be made a part of your branding campaign. For instance, they can wear your company’s uniform, which will promote your brand as secure and enhance your organization’s corporate image.

8. Provide Customer Service

Not only do security guards protect your facility or workplace from security threats, but they also offer basic customer services. They help visitors and customers find products or departments. They can also escort people to their destinations even late at night or off-hours. This is an added benefit as you don’t have to hire more staff to handle these responsibilities.

It’s pretty clear that security guards are vital for all businesses when they are trying to control a situation, as security guards have the expertise, skill, and decision-making ability to diffuse an unwanted situation and handle it while awaiting the police’s arrival.