How to Look Handsome with Latest Fashion Trends?

Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life. Some celebrity has said something to this effect. The quote succinctly encapsulates the feelings of the fashion stars. Another celebrity added tang to quotable quotes by describing trendiness, actually saying that trendy is the last stage before tacky. If the celebrity is forgiven for the tinge of black humor, the description still fits the fashions. What looks trendy or fashionable today was certainly looked down upon, just few months or years back. The evolution in fashions sometimes runs faster than revolution. Trends are a composite product of many streams, having distinct or vague origins, culturally or geographically diverse, still maintaining some relevance in fashion’s universal cauldron. Review of fashion trends during the period of globalization, indicates that newer trends emerge through celebrities’ attires, movies, television shows, mega events and most importantly through fashion shows. Some nascent trends even lose relevance before they reach the other corner of the world. Nevertheless, some Latest Fashion Trends survive and enjoy longer life. These trends can be termed as classic and remain in vogue. Others, sometimes called as grunge or punk, still remain hot for younger enthusiasts.

Fashion trends normally cover all wearable on the body and accessories. The list would include apparels in all forms and formats, caps, goggles, belts, footwear, jewelry, accessories, hair styling and many such items. The latest trends may include individual item or number of items collectively. The fashions’ forte lies mainly in following among the youth. Different styles are preferred by groups, differentiated by gender, age, profession, ethnicity, season or geographical locations. Obviously Latest Fashion Trends for women far outnumber men counterparts.

Latest trends for women are aplenty. Tartans are no more monopoly of the Scottish. Eye catching patterns charm one and all. Plaid in combination makes dramatic add on to the attire. A whole new range ensures eye riveting views. Digital print clothing underwent sea change in the last couple of seasons. New vivid motifs and bright colors adorn the clothing, attracting many eyeballs. Folk fashion is making waves in circles of Glitterati. Embroideries and silhouettes add appeal to the whole ambience. The A – Line skirt is a hot pick for trendy girls and working women in equal measure. The skirts are available in all forms like leather, fleece, twills, appliqué work, pleated, embroidered and numerous more, to suit the tastes of all womenfolk. Patchwork has resurfaced on the fashion horizon. Great pieces of sheer art are designed through intelligent eye catching creations. Addition of embellishments adds a feminine touch to the collection.

Women are at a great advantage, when it comes to hair styling. They have plenty material to literally play with, creating lovely hairstyles. Hairstyles as diverse as ‘ballerina bun’ or ‘wet look’, or simple ‘tuck it in’ have come out in new avatars. Braids always remain an inseparable part of any fashion statement. Braids never go out of trend. Innovations make them relevant in all seasons. Women of all age groups can indulge themselves with their own creations too. Ponytails, center part hairstyles and loose waves also have their own charm. A carefully chosen hairstyle, suitable for hair texture and for the occasion can have a magnetic effect on people around.

Use of cosmetics for enhancing face appeal, has added many new styling products. Cat eye makeup is the latest trend. The glitter eye makeup also remains a hot favorite for younger women. Bolder eyebrows have come to the fore as an instrument for projecting bold personality. Ambitious women would certainly prefer this trend. Orange colored lipstick works as catalyst to project a strong persona. Suitable jewelry is worn as latest trends are designed to make bold fashion statements.

Men do have fewer alternatives, than women, when it comes to fashion trends. They compensate the inadequacy by going full steam into bold fashions. Apart from clothing, watches, ties and footwear are the forte of men in fashion trends. Corduroy suits look very impressive in emphasizing a man’s personality. Double breasted suits and three piece suits create an aura of dominance. White V- shaped suit with a bow tie is a trendy fashion. It gives a mystic touch. Men in black clothing, too always look trendy. Men’s shirts have a special place in fashion trends. Colorful stripes or checkered pattern will certainly add more vim. Denims and jeans in newer versions look very trendy. Colored denims have occupied an important place in men’s wardrobe. Double denims can balance fashion and need. Suitable accessories like trendy watches and footwear are bound to multiply the effect.

Finally, all fashions, classic or latest are essentially created for accentuating personality. Sometimes the need of the hour is to project a camouflage, and then other scenarios can be tested to own advantage. It is everybody’s fundamental right to look trendy and they are at liberty to exercise the right.