Skin Health to Prevent Baldness like Health benefits of Green Tea

Tea is one of the most famous drinks in the world. We can find various different types of them around the globe. There are black tea, Assam tea, earl grey tea, green tea, and many more. Among of all types, there is one which has a number of advantages. That is Green Tea. This Japanese tea is very popular among tea lovers. In fact, most people have used it as a flavor to many dishes, especially dessert. However, you can only get health benefits of green tea if you consume as a drink. Here we have included 10 benefits you can enjoy.

Maintain Our Skin Health

Want to have a very healthy skin? Then include green tea into your meal list from now on. It is because there are several health benefits of green tea specially for our skin. This tea is capable of protecting your skin against the UV of the sunlight. That adds its ability to prevent skin cancer. Besides that, it can also avoid us from premature aging due to its antioxidant which can fight against free radical. By consuming the tea regularly, wrinkles will not get to us that easy.

Cure Our Allergy

If you have an allergy, try to treat it with green tea. There is a research which shows that the EGCG inside the tea is able to relieve the effect of allergy. That allows you to cure your condition gradually.

Prevent Baldness

Hair is like the crown on our head. Nobody, men and women, would like to get bald, particularly when they are still young. Instead of looking for the right hair product for the prevention, why not using green tea? Its components like pathenol, vitamin E & C, and provitamin will give you a very healthy hair. Your hair will be more humid, stronger, and also more protected from sunlight exposure.

Prevent Tooth Decay

Toothache and cavity are common diseases which most people have to deal with. But, we will not have to suffer from them if we can take a really good care of our teeth. Starting from brushing teeth, gargling, and using dental floss. To make it healthier, you can also drink green tea too. A research in Egypt has proved that the drink can kill bacteria’s can trigger dental issues.

Acnes Treatments

No one will ever like acnes on their face. Not only can it make us look terrible, but also lower our confidence to go out in public. That’s why most people will search for facial products to treat the pimples. Unfortunately, some items contain chemicals which can be dangerous to our skin. Hence, you can replace it with green tea as the alternative option since its antioxidant level is very high. You can use the tea in two ways for acnes treatment. You may drink it for internal treatment or turn it into facial mask for external care.

Enhance Immune System

There are lots of health benefits of green tea for the inside of our body. One of them is to enhance the immune system. As we mentioned before, this tea highly contains antioxidant, and it is not an ordinary one. This antioxidant is known as flavonoid which can work as polyphenol. This component has a main role in increasing the immune system. Thus, now our body becomes stronger in defeating virus which can cause some diseases like cold and flu.

Lose Our Weights

One of the best health benefits of green tea is the ability of losing our weight. We said it the best since there are plenty of people trying to look fit and healthy. Back to the topic, it has been proved that green tea has the ability to decrease fat absorption in our body. This can happen since it possesses catechin polyphenol that will improve your metabolism. Furthermore, drinking the tea each day will help us burning up to 70 calories. If we calculate it, we can lose 7 kg in just one year. The number will be higher if you combine it with some workouts.

The more fats we can burn, the less risk of obesity we will get. Yes, you heard it right. Green tea can prevent obesity too. It can stop the glucose movement in the adipocyte. Again, you will be much further away from the disease if you do some exercises.

Cure Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can occur when there are harmful bacteria’s inside the food we ate. Once again, the catechin compounds come to the rescue. This compound inside the tea can kill all bacteria’s that break through our body. So, when you happen to have this issue, you can drink green tea as the first aid measure. Of course you still have to check yourself to a hospital.

Prevent Diabetes

Green tea is one of herbal drinks known to be able to prevent the increasing of blood sugar level. By drinking it in routine, it can reduce the glucose level in our blood. In addition, it can balance our metabolism too. These features add the health benefits of green tea in treating other disease, which is diabetes.

Prevent Alzheimer

As we are getting older, the ability of our memory as well as concentration will be weakening. That will lead us to Alzheimer. It happens since there are brain cells damage which will make our brain seems getting small. But, you still can prevent this condition, especially when you are still young. Simply start drinking a cup of green tea every single day now. The EGCG is very effective in delaying the growth of the disease.

Those are most health benefits of green tea you can take. There might be still some more of them which are not revealed yet. That’s why some researchers are still studying about this drink to get more information. Meanwhile, looking at how amazing the benefits above, we think it is time to start to drink green tea for better quality life.