5 benefits of Indian Masala Chai with Black pepper, Ginger or Clove

If there is any, one thing that nobody can say no to in an Indian household is an Indian masala chai. Regardless of the season or the time of the day, a satisfying cup of the delicious Masala Chai is all you need to uplift your mood. The best thing about a masala chai is that not only is it delicious and aromatic, but it also provides countless health benefits. It is rightfully believed that one cup of Masala chai a day can protect you against many different illnesses and keep you healthy.

Let’s learn about what really is the Indian Masala chai and how it helps you have a healthy body and a healthier lifestyle.

What is Indian Masala Chai?

The masala chai is an extremely popular and loved beverage in India. Every household and every tea maker have a different blend of ingredients and unique methods to make the Masala chai. However, the core ingredients remain the same. When making the Masala chai, the tea is brewed with an array of aromatic spices. Some of these spices include cardamom, ginger, clove, cinnamon, and black pepper. Each one of these ingredients is known for having tremendous health benefits. Brewing them together for a cup of Indian masala chai magnifies all these health benefits even more. So, when you have a cup of masala chai, you do not only have the benefits of these individual elements, but you also have their combined benefits working in synergy with each other.

Masala chai is very high and rich in its nutritional value and has a calorie count of less than 100.

From the instant you get up in the morning and drink a cup of steaming hot masala chai till the time you drop on the bed at night and drink masala chai to have a soothing effect, Indian masala chai helps you throughout the day.

Ways Indian Masala Chai Helps You

1. Helps in Digestion

The ingredients that are used in the Masala tea helps in digestion and also improves and keeps your gut healthy. The spices, such as clove, cardamom, and basil, aids the process of digestion. As all these spices have antibacterial characteristics, they also help in preventing any digestive problems caused by bacterial infections. In addition, black pepper also appears to have the same antibacterial properties. Some studies also show that black pepper also boosts the digestive enzymes present in the system that are responsible for speeding up the digestive process. Moreover, when ginger is brought into the mix, the effectiveness of the drink becomes even more enhanced. Your overall health is directly linked with your digestive system. Therefore, if you want a healthy gut and a healthy you, make sure to add masala chai to your daily routine.

2. Improves Immunity

This last year, we have all been looking for ways and foods to increase our immunity. Indian Masala chai is one of the most popular, helpful, and easy ways to boost up your immunity effortlessly. It contains cinnamon and clove, which intensify each other’s medicinal impact when used together. Their combined role generates a strong defense in the body against harmful external bodies. This immunity-boosting power of Indian masala chai is another health benefit that makes it one of the most popular drinks.

3. Boosts your Energy Levels

The majority of us have experienced days when it becomes too difficult to wake up in the morning. But, having a steaming cup of Masala chai to kickstart your day will fight that lethargic feel right off. The essential and fundamental ingredient of every masala tea is black tea, which has high levels of caffeine present in it. So, having a strong cup of masala chai in the morning or at any other time of the day will make you a lot more energized and vigilant to carry out your daily tasks. Since it contains many other beneficial ingredients, the negative impacts of caffeine are mostly negated. However, If you worry about the side-effects of caffeine, then a mud chai is perfect for you. You can read reviews of mud chai to know more about it.

4. Anti-inflammatory Properties

The various spices used in an Indian masala chai have a remarkable mix of Anti-inflammatory properties. In particular, ginger brings in most of these anti-inflammatory benefits. Not only do each of these spices have individual benefits against inflammation, but they also work in synergy to cause maximum benefit. These anti-inflammatory properties help in many different health issues, such as Pains and body aches, relaxing the muscles, and many more.

5. Anti-Oxidizing Properties

The basic ingredient of masala chai is black tea, which has strong anti-oxidizing properties. The black tea used with other ingredients, such as cardamom and clove, produce remarkable anti-oxidizing effects on the body. The powerful and high levels of antioxidants present in the masala chai help in many different health issues, such as fighting high levels of cholesterol, improving heart health, keeping blood pressure in control, and many more. Studies have also shown that these anti-oxidizing properties present in the Indian Masala chai also help in preventing the formation of cancer cells in the body.

Final Words

Apart from these primary benefits of a Masala chai, there are various other remarkable health benefits of making masala chai a part of your diet. It helps you prevent bloating, relieves menstrual cramps, helps with nausea and body aches, improves metabolism, prevents cancer and diabetes, regulates your blood pressure, and many more. The best part about masala chai is that all the ingredients required to make it are usually available in your kitchen. So, apart from being a beneficial drink, it is also easier and inexpensive to make. Plus, it has zero side effects.

In essence, it can be said that there is nothing a cup of Indian masala chai cannot fix! So, either you are feeling under the weather, a little low, or just want to keep healthy, Indian masala chai has got your back.