Gymkhana or Quilon the best Curry Houses in the United Kingdom

The UK may be the nexus of fine dining right now. However, you cannot take the curry houses out of the nation and still call it the United Kingdom. The curry houses make up for a considerable part of the country’s culinary history. Let us explore some of the best hits we get when we search for “restaurants near me” on Gourmet Guide, UK.


This has to be the most lauded Indian curry house in the heart of London. In 2014, gymkhana was named the National Restaurant of the Year. This is a venture of chef-restaurateur KaramSethi. This establishment adds a contemporary spin to traditional Indian fairs. The food is tasty, innovative and quite gutsy. Eating at Gymkhana is both a delight and a surprise-packed event.

Tamarind, London

The gilded columns and all mirrored interiors of this restaurant cast a real sense of occasion on any ordinary meal. Experience Indian royal dining while looking at the subversive Mayfair skyline. The wine menu is a treat with its extensive collection of Indian wines to complement the palate.

Rajpoot, Bath

Rajpoot has tucked far away from the castles and palaces. It is set in a Georgian cellar; this restaurant is divvied up into nine caverns. Each of these has separate themes that range from the aristocratic lifestyle of the Mughals to the opulence of Bengal. The cuisine is eclectic Indian. The dining experience is a journey through the different culinary eras of India that will take you through Mughal Tandoori to Bengali pulao.

Quilon, London

The revamped establishment plates out signature Indian curries including baked black cod and lobster curry in coconut milk. It is run by Chef Sriram who is known for his notorious fascination for fresh, authentic spices from the old land. For a Michelin Stared Goan fare, try Quilon in London.

Shish Mahal, Glasgow

This is a boutique style venue that is the oldest curry house in Glasgow. Chicken Tikka Masala was born in this very restaurant decades ago. In fact, politicians, royalties and celebrities have visited this restaurant from time to time for their share of Indian concoctions. From creamy seafood dishes to the more fiery delicacies of Madras, Shish Mahal has displayed some of the most famous curries of Britain over the last couple of decades.

Nu Delhi Lounge, Belfast

Nu Delhi Lounge is currently the city’s most reviewed curry house. You cannot complete your UK curry experience without eating at least once at this establishment. From the upbeat yet mellow bhangra-pop to the use fresh local produce, this restaurant has it all to attract a dedicated high profile clientele. Complete your Indian eat-out experience with Goan liqueur and cocktails.

Indian food is not complete without the music and the decor. The UK has some of the best restaurants that offer the full Indian experience, and these are only a few.

Author’s Bio: Mandy Bular is a food blogger who loves to know about the cultures that inspire each cuisine and restaurant. She has been traveling with to find out the hidden gems in the UK.