Oval or Diamond? Haircut Suitable for your Face Type

Hairs are the beauty of every human, especially for girls because they have to make hairstyles and keep up themselves with the trends and fashion. One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a new haircut is your face shape. After all, you may have the most beautiful new cut in the world, but if it doesn’t compliment your features, it won’t be all you hoped for. Instead of following the latest fashion trend, choose a style that complements your face shape.

The appropriate cut will elegantly frame and balance your face while presenting your greatest features for a beautiful and complementary look, whether your face is a rectangle, oval, square, circle, triangle, heart, or diamond. If you are looking for the best salon for your haircut and also want to save your money, then I must say visit DealMeCoupon, they have the best salon and spa coupon codes.

Haircut Styles according to your Face Shape

Before choosing any kind of haircut, you need to know what type of your face is. Here type of face means the shape of your face. For knowing your face, tied your hair back tightly and take a Selfie of your face. Then deeply look at your face shape, you may end with a conclusion of your face shape.

Let’s discuss some top trendy haircut styles with your face shape:

1. Oval Faces Haircuts

A dull bob or praise with delicate layers would look especially stylish for oval ladies who love short hair. Long hair, on the other hand, should have minimal layers or be styled with waves or curls to prevent it from pulling your face down. You can also use your natural hairpiece to help you decide on a haircut.

Square Faces Haircuts – Consider a lateral division style to balance the square structure of your bones. Mattresses that are long and airy can also be attractive and help you hide the powerful corners of your face. Consider a short, multi-layered bob if you want a custom style. However, laterally curved ponies emphasize your cheekbones, not your jaw.

2. Rectangle Faces Haircuts

If you have a rectangular face, you should avoid wearing hairstyles that are too large, as they can lengthen your face even longer. If you decide on a long length, use an explosion, waves, or curls to create horizontal volume and soften the severe corners of your face.
When it comes to updos, soft and romantic chignons are preferable to high buns, which add length, and elegant styles, which draw attention to your strong jaw.

3. Diamond Faces Haircuts

Ladies with diamond-shaped faces should try to reduce their hard corners and balance their cheekbones for the most attractive appearance. Consider a medium or long paved cut with fluttering waves and a deep side part for a soft appearance. A chin-length bob, on the other hand, will work best if you want to expand the appearance of your jaw.

4. Round Faces Haircuts

Long multilayer cuts and unstable pixie cuts, in particular, look great. Choose long multi-level layers that start from the jaw if it is a multilayer cut. To help extend your face, consider adding a short lateral margin that ends in the eye.

5. Heart Faces Haircuts

If you have a heart-shaped face, you should aim for a cut that narrows your eyebrow and enlarges the lower half of your face to balance the shape of your face. Along with side cut, for example, will hide part of your forehead, while drawing attention to your lower face. To balance your angular jaw, match this cut with waves or loops that start under the ear.

6. Diamond Faces Haircuts

Women with diamond face shapes should strive to reduce their hard angles and balance their cheekbones for the most attractive appearance. Consider a cut in medium or long layers with ruffled waves and a deep side part for a soft look.

7. Triangle Faces Haircuts

Choosing a hairstyle that balances the jaw and minimizes the heavy appearance of the lower face is essential for women with triangular faces. To do this, choose a multi-layered cut that softens your features. Ask them to end at the eyes, cheeks, or collarbones, rather than the chin, like those that end at the chin draw attention to your jaw.


You are beautiful as you are. But to enhance your beauty, you need some tips and tricks. And as you know that your hair has a great effect on your beauty and personality. So, let’s move with your face shape and take a fresh haircut to enhance your beauty.