4 Wash Basins that are Going to Turn your Bathroom Upside Down

If you are wondering why your bathroom looks simple and a little boring, the answer maybe because of the style of your washbasin. Meanwhile, bathrooms are not complete without a washbasin because of the purpose it serves. You can buy Wash Basins from Bathroom Factory Warehouse or from any other reputable store, but are you not going to ask yourself which is “the one”?

Types of Wash Basins

There are various types of Wash basins available in market such as Full or Semi Pedestal Basins, Wall Hung Basins, Stone Basins, Countertop Basins, Corner Basins, Cloakroom Basins or Countertop Basins. In the ocean of wash basins designs available, you can surely find one that fits your style. Normally depending upon the base matterial wash basins are catagories into 3 types Ceramics, Solid Surface and Metal Finishes. So, here are some examples that can make a statement to your bathroom and mirror you as a person:

1. Art Basin

You may be a creative and imaginative individual who wishes to have a bathroom that mirrors your style. You may want people who visit your house to be amazed by the unique and modern bathrooms you have. Or you may be wishing for a unique basin shape where at first glance, it gives a “this is you” vibe.

Art basins are uniquely shaped and have a variety of designs. You may opt for a gloss white type that makes the room feel refreshing or a matte black with a gold finish that creates a powerful impact at first glance. Or you may want to be adventurous and choose a square concrete design that mirrors a bold personality or a basin with a rose gold finish. So, whatever you wish for, art basins are the top choice.

2. Freestanding Basin

Have you ever gone inside a bathroom with a Wash Basins so wide that water splashes everywhere? Installation freestanding basins are quite easier. Freestanding basin can be placed in any where of bathroom.

If you do not want to experience that again, opt for freestanding basins. With its minimalist style, it offers comfort when you use it. In addition, its modern design gives your bathroom a unique style while saving space, which is perfect if you have smaller bathrooms.

3. Ultra Slim Basin

White is a typical bathroom theme, and it can sometimes be overrated. However, this is so only if you do not know how to design it. With ultra-slim basins, you are in for a treat!

These white washbasins are perfect for those who opt for a minimalistic design that can still make a statement. And, not only are these basins refreshing to the eyes, but they also look like those found in a 5-star hotels. For high quality interior this types of basins can fit in your bathroom.

4. Undermount Basin

If you search for a basin that is easy to clean, the best thing to have in your bathroom is an under-mount basin. So, the best thing about this type of basin is that there are no crevices for any dirt to get stuck on. You can clean it with a quick wipe, and you can also utilise this basin if you want to have a wider countertop with more space for your things. More than that, this type of sink creates a seamless and clean look, given that less of it is visible, and offers the best advantages.

What Size Wash Basins Do I need?

Bathroom Sink size depends upon the Size of your birthroom, existing basin plumbing and location of other fixtures. If you have a larger bathroom you can go for Semi Pedestal Basins or Full Pedestal Basins. In-case if you are with a limited size bathroom choose Corner Basins or wall hanging Basins.

Basins are a must-have for your bathrooms, but if you are looking for something that looks nice and is long-lasting, then you have to go to a shop that offers only the best quality basins. That being said, basins from Bathroom Factory Warehouse or from any reputable shops will offer a huge variety of designs. Moreover, all you have to do is scroll through their catalogue and find the basin that fits not only your bathroom style but your personality as well.

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