5 Cool Gift ideas for Truckers (Wash Bag to Navigation Devices)

Being a trucker is a hard task and finding good gifts for them when you don’t know much about them is even harder. When we are giving a gift to someone we expect it to be useful or express our love towards them. So it is necessary to spend a reasonable amount of time while selecting a gift for our loved ones. Here are 5 cool Gift ideas for Truckers.

Scrubba Wash Bag

Scrubba Wash Bag is a portable clothes washer that could provide a machine quality wash by following few steps. Truckers go on multiple day trips where they need to get their clothes washed or worse get stuck on a remote place due to obstructions. A portable wash bag would come in handy in such situations to get their clothes washed easily. This pocket-friendly wash bag costs just 55$ and could wash a pair of clothes in one go. Click Here to find the review of products.

Navigation Devices

Navigation Devices like GPS have become part of everyone and smartphones have made it mainstream instead of paper maps and guidebooks. Similarly, there are GPS devices for trucks that have routes, and maps designed according to the truckers needs. In a truck-specific GPS like Garmin dezl 570LMT, you can provide the dimensions on your truck, and it suggests you routes according to your vehicle. It also provides truck-specific POIs like gas stations, pit shops, motels to rest and more. Hands-free calling and voice navigation allows drivers to concentrate on the road instead of checking the device for directions. Overall it would be a fantastic tech gift for truckers and will be used for years. Click Here to know about best truck GPS devices and buying guide.

Custom T-Shirts OR Mugs

T-Shirts and Mug are one of the most common gift items which could be tailored to anyone. All we have to do is find a good quote or a sentence to print and a store who does the printing. One could easily find a lot of quotes and designs on the internet which could be printed with minor changes. The price of the printing varies from place to place; however, it doesn’t cost much. Here are a few example quotes you can use.




Mini Refrigerator

Truckers love Mini Refrigerator, it’s difficult to get a chilled coke or beer while driving and challenging to store without a refrigerator. A mini fridge would also allow truckers to store food items along with drinks; this will enable them to find good food even when the food at the dinner is terrible. There are different models available with various features and prices. Select the best affordable one to gift to your trucker and also make sure they already don’t have a good working refrigerator.

Electric Blankets

If your loved one is an Ice Road trucker or one who frequently drives to places where temperatures are sub-zero, then you could gift them an electric blanket. People need to use very thick or multiple blankets to keep them warm, however with an electric blanket they can quickly get warm. Electric blankets, when connected to the plug, heat the wires in the blankets allowing them to provide more heat to the recipient. Electric blankets cost between 40$ to 70$ depending on the quality, and this could be a handy gift for truckers.