Choosing the accurate Shower Enclosure in 4 Steps

Choosing and designing a new bathroom may be a fun and exciting process. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to change one of your home’s most essential areas – where you can unwind, replenish, and rejuvenate, and where your daily routine begins and finishes.

There is a shower enclosure to fit any area, whether you need a bi-fold door for an en-suite bathroom, a huge enclosure for a large family bathroom, or a luxury divider panel for a wet-room. With so many possibilities, shower installation is the important thing we’re here to help you narrow down your choices and discover the shower enclosure that best suits your needs. Below are criteria for choosing the right shower enclosure in 3 steps.

1. Position and Placement of your Shower

Second, examine the placement of your shower; identify where your shower would be best positioned; one of the most common and practical shower enclosure settings is in the corner. Determine the shape that would be most suited for your assigned location when contemplating placement; the shape of the shower may be estimated using your current tray if you already have one. The form of your shower will be determined by the amount of space available for door manoeuvres as well as any other bathroom fixtures. In particular, the opening and shutting of the door must be examined to avoid any obstacles that may limit door movement.

2. Presence

Finally, once the space and location have been determined, think about how you want your bathroom to appear. Whether you want your bathroom to be classic or modern, there are a number of shapes, sizes, frame finishes, and colours that may help you get the look you desire. Frames are often offered in two shades: cream or chrome with clear or stained glass as an option.

3. Make a Financial Plan

Work out your budget before looking at all the many types of shower enclosures available and tempting yourself with some of the diamond-encrusted alternatives. A budget can help you save time and avoid getting off course into the realm of procrastination. Price filters are available on the websites of online shower enclosure retailers like us, making it easier to sort through the various possibilities.

4. Shower Stalls and Waste

Shower stalls are available with or without a shower tray. Trays are custom-made to match conventional enclosure sizes and are designed to prevent leaking. A shower tray, which is also available in an anti-slip design, may offer further safety to a family bathroom. A shower waste is a necessary component of any shower enclosure. It simplifies shower enclosure maintenance by letting you clear the waste area to prevent muck and grime build-up. Hair traps are one solution, as they minimise the possibilities of hair strands clogging pipes.

You should think about the sort of shower enclosure you want as well as the minor elements.

1. A shower enclosure with fast release wheels (found on sliding and bi-fold shower doors) is an excellent choice since they make cleaning your shower a lot easier.

2. Consider the thickness of the glass and if it has an easy-to-clean protective coating.

3. Magnetic self-close door seals are essential for ensuring a precise fit and preventing leakage.

4. To provide a seamless appearance, concealed cover caps and strips hide fixings.

5. To ensure long-term endurance and a smooth sliding motion, high-quality rollers are required for sliding and bi-fold doors. Plastic roller doors should be avoided since they need to be replaced.

Final Note

It’s easy to overlook the maintenance of a shower enclosure when purchasing one. It’s critical to think about upkeep during the purchasing phase to prevent regretting your decision once it’s been installed. Choosing the right shower enclosure in 3 steps only be successful if followed precisely.