Mapping Opportunities in Commercial Properties for Sale

The commercial real estate terrain has shaped into new contours in the last few years. While it is proliferating with new opportunities, it has also run into hurdles and red-flags that were not on the map before. It is only through anticipation of, and readiness for, some priority-checks before, during and after handling Commercial Properties for Sale that one can eke out both gains and peace of mind.

Nick in Time

It is an interesting cusp to be at. On the one hand, a palpable rise in income-levels, urbanization and economic growth are propelling commercial property real estate demand in India, as reckoned in December 2018 by IBEF. India is perched at the 19th place among 73 countries when it comes to attracting cross-border capital in the property space. When the real estate sector in the country is slated to touch $1 trillion by 2030 and all set to make for 13 per cent of the country’s GDP pie by 2025, it translates into a host of opportunities, revenue streams and new profit-pockets. The office leasing vertical itself is expected to cross 100 million square feet during 2018-20 in the nation’s top eight cities.

But on the other hand, the sector is making a rapid transition from family-owned businesses to professionally-managed models. The need for transparency, centralization and technology is as acute as the demand for qualified people for project management, architecture and engineering. To add to that, the emergence of new asset classes like affordable housing and co-working space will accelerate the sector’s growth to $850 billion by 2028, as assessed by a KPMG report.

Commercial assets topped the list of asset classes that were the most preferred by investors, attracting nearly 80% of total investments between 2016 and YTD-2018. The change of investment environment from conventional and bank financing to private equity and institutional financing has also unfolded into new opportunities and trends. PE (Private Equity) interest has never been so strong and consistent in Commercial real estate as seen in the last two years. PE inflows in office real estate, for instance, rose by over 150 per cent between 2014 and 2017 than the previous seven years combined. The advent of steadiness in with stable returns on investments, leasing impetus, high rental growth and income-yielding assets coming under REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) – this is adding more fuel to the new trajectory of investment interest in this sector.

The Flip Side of the Fillip

All that will have stark ramifications on the space where business opportunities like Commercial Properties are delivered and tapped into. Even regulatory push through interventions like RERA (Real Estate Act) or REITs etc. is pushing for accentuated transparency in the property purchase process, availability of critical project information, timely possession, improved customer confidence, efficiencies, accountability and customer assurance. The post-RERA environment has been interpreted by experts to benefit both developers and buyers by injecting that much-needed structure, organization, monitoring, streamlining, tracking ease, project-speed and information-flow in the overall system.

But how to get that? And where?

One needs to tap a platform that offers more than a cornucopia of commercial property investment alternatives. That is great to have, but it will not be an X-factor if you want to leverage the best outcomes from this specific stripe of business opportunities. There has to be the presence of adequate checks and verification processes to iron out any present, or potential, snags in advance. Verified contact-details of the owners, fortified with a good repertoire of apt financials, plus all the verification due-diligence done in advance – these are factors that can completely shift an arduous process to a rigorous, but simple, experience in dealing with commercial real estate.

In an age of swiping smartphones for taxis, partners and food-items, the scenario of any commercial Properties for Sale is still imbued with complexity, delays, hidden problems and a lot of guess-work. A platform that gives an almost Tinder-ish experience in commercial real estate is indeed a fresh whiff of air in this market. allows the simplicity and swift experience of getting a good peek at the property through snappy thumbnails, picture-slides and other visualized details. It also bolsters these moments with any information that a user needs – then and there. Verification, likes, comments and reviews endow this space with the same engagement and simplicity that shopping for shoes or burgers entails these days. Availability of brokers, partners, franchisors, ecosystem players and distress-sale SOS folks add to the extra layer of speed here and make the whole process effortless and fruitful.

This is the best time to participate in the profusion of opportunities and growth that commercial real estate is witnessing. So, choosing a route that averts complications and fuzziness and ushers in transparency, simplicity and ease – that’s what will make the plot quite a page-turner. Proceed with confidence, but have caution and a good partner by your side.