Best Practices to Cut down or Saving Water in your day to day Lives

Worldwide there is shortage of water. It is of paramount importance that we save water as nearly 70 % of the earth’s planet is incorporated from water. Industries along with agriculture too need its fair share of water. Environmental issues like global warming are spelling trouble leading to reduction in supply of drinking water to your households. So the focus has to be on saving water. In our daily day to day lives there are some simple tips to follow for saving water.

When Brushing Teeth turn of the Tap

A simple logic making a lot of sense. When you are brushing your teeth you do not need a continuous flow of water. Just turn the tap off and switch it on when you need water. While washing your hands the same philosophy holds true. Turn the water supply off when you are scrubbing your hands with soap. In the long run it can save gallons of water.

Relying on a Shower Container

For water to heat up it might take some amount of time. So when you are allowing shower water to heat up to collect the cold water use a bucket ensuring that it does not flow down the drain. To water plants or for flush purposes you can use this water. Aquaguard toll free number India stresses on saving water. Every drop of water saved is a gain.

The flush has to be used in a Wise manner

Do not use the flush on an unnecessary basis. It can lead to a lot of wastage of water.

Remove the Leaks on a timely basis

In every household water leak poses to be a common problem. Get in touch with your plumber and fix up the leak issues on an immediate basis. In the long run you can end up saving gallons and gallons of water.

Cooking Water can be reused

Once after you boil the vegetables do not throw away the water. Collection of this water in a counter makes sense. The moment this water cools down you can water your plants.

Cut down on your Shower Time

Yes being clean is important, but in no way means that you are going to spend hours at a shower. In the long run you end up wasting tons of water by this mechanism.

High quality appliances has to be purchased

To save water invests in a high quality washing machine. Rather than the top loading washing machines the front loading is better choices.

Efficient faucets prove to be a viable option

Inefficient use of plumbing equipment could pose significant problems. Be it effective shower heads, dish washers or high end machines etc. This helps to save water and ensure that you use these machines at an optimum level. Unless they are full do not allow it to run.

Pruning the Garden

As part of your water requirements to water the plants or lawns would take a considerable toll on water resources. From a RO purifying machine you can rely on the waste water for watering the plants.

At your residence incorporate an option of rain water harvesting. Most of the modern day societies have it as part of their set up. Aqua RO customer care number has experts on board who can guide you about rain water harvesting methods. By undertaking this mechanism you can recharge the ground water levels.

Going to a Car Wash Center seems to be a Feasible Option

In order to wash your car depletion of water resources takes place. Go over to your nearest car wash center that recycles the waste water.

Better Plumbing Options

In the overhead water tank use a float valve which would help you to control water flow. This has to be connected on to the water pump which means as soon as the tank is full water supply shuts down.

How to use rejected Water from your RO Water Purifier?

To a certain degree you can rely on the rejected water from your RO water purifier for your lawn and even plants. In most cases water in the cities have less TDS. Even the reject water is more useful than the hard water which makes its way to our home. Any water with a TDS level above than 2100 does not seem feasible. The chances are high that the rejected water could contain a high degree of sodium. Just take care so that the excess sodium does not take a toll on the quality of soil.

The rejected water from your RO machine can be used to wash your car. This does work out to be the best option for using rejected water. In case if you are use a hose you could end up using 75 litres of water on an average. Do use the rejected water from a RO water purifier if the TDS levels are between 1500 to 2000. After washing your car with rejected water use a bucket of clean water to remove the salt deposits.

In addition the rejected water from the RO purifier and clean water can be mixed in order to mop the floor. This exercise can be practiced during every alternate day so that no salt deposits are found on the floor.

To conclude the above mentioned tips would help you to save water on a daily basis. Water is a vital cog in the wheel of our life and conservation of it would be of utmost importance. Waste water that is obtained from the house can be used to flush the toilets or to water the plants. Recycling of water poses to be another option in order to save water. Another effective option would be to water the plants in the morning when temperature levels are on the lower side. In hindsight you might end up using less water.

Consider each and every person in this world has a responsibility to save water. Your contribution could be small but in the long run it can lead to positive results.