99sqft.com to Buy, Sell, Rent and Market properties easily

Are you a real estate agent looking to generate leads for your property listings? Are you a property owner looking to sell or let out your residential or commercial or retail property in the quickest possible time? Or Are you a property seeker looking to purchase or rent or invest in the best possible homes or offices anywhere in India. If yes, simply log onto 99sqft.com which is one of India’s fastest growing real estate portals developed by Zybeq Media.

With multiple smart features being built into 99sqft.com like artificial search intelligence, property rate calculation intelligence, area comparisons, property alerts, etc – a user will find it easy to search & post properties to get good responses through 99sqft.com.

Introduction to 99sqft.com

99sqft.com is free property posting portal in India wherein a real estate agent or a property consultant / property owners can post his or her property listings free of cost easily. The interface and functions of 99sqft.com have been designed with utmost simplicity to help property agents feel very comfortable while posting, editing content as well as images on 99sqft.com.

Apart from this, 99sqft.com is the first super friendly real estate portal in India as it provides a variety of highly useful and value added services for real estate agents, real estate developers as well as property owners. These include customized email marketing, database marketing, social media marketing, WhatsApp marketing, native advertising, customized banners, Register on 99sqft.com today to find out more.

A Wonderful platform to Generate Property Leads

Well in the words of some of the wisest and learned men in the world, real estate provides the highest returns, the maximum value and the lowest risk. No wonder that real estate is a very popular investment tool, business and occupation for a large number of people across the globe including countries like India which is a super-fast developing economy. Indian real estate is a strong and powerful story that is developing to be a blockbuster in the coming years and decades.

Buy and Sell through 99sqft.com

Traditional real estate marketing is still popular where people buy and sell through references but with the size of the real estate burgeoning to unbelievable levels, online real estate marketing has gained tremendous popularity in the last decade or so. Indian real estate is no exception and online property marketing and digital real estate promotions are the rage across the country as of today. Right from search engines like google, Bing, yahoo to social media sites including the most popular Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest to mobile messaging platforms like WhatsApp & SMS marketing, real estate professionals in India are leaving no stone unturned to reach every nook and corner in the local as well as international markets to unearth buyers for their real estate assets. Property portals in India like 99sqft.com have their own important role to play in this Indian real estate juggernaut.

99sqft.com is a compact yet powerful real estate listing and property posting website in India. It provides property owners the option to post and sell or let out their residential / commercial / retail properties to prospective home buyers or rental seekers. It is mainly focused on providing a very easy and quick way to real estate brokers and property agents in India to post their real estate listings online and reach out to potential clients who are keen to purchase to rent properties. A real estate broker can make full use of 99sqft.com to post maximum property listings and generate multiple leads in the quickest possible time. The ease and simplicity of posting, editing and marketing properties makes 99sqft.com a very handy tool for every property consultant, real estate agent and property marketing agencies across India. In case a property agent wants to post or edit properties from his mobile or even through services like WhatsApp, this real estate portal called 99sqft.com provides him or her very easy options and special services to do so.

Marketing platform for Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers across India have been scouting for various means of advertising their real estate developments, residential properties, retail properties and commercial assets like offices, industrial units, galas and other types of real estate assets. There are plenty of real estate marketing and property advertising platforms available in the market today. These include both online real estate marketing platforms as well offline property marketing options that includes print media like newspaper, magazines, etc. Most of the real estate marketing tools are either expensive if effective OR ineffective if affordable. Well www.99sqft.com is the first real estate marketing portal that is both affordable as well as highly effective. Apart from this most property portals offer solutions that are inorganic and short term. 99sqft.com is a property portal that is aimed to be organic and aimed at the long term growth of your real estate development as property marketing business.

Right from home owners to real estate brokers to property developers and of course the most crucial of them all – the property seekers, everyone has now got an amazing real estate tool to publish and market their real estate inventories to a very wide market with utmost precision and ease. The 99sqft.com login / signup and even the dashboard have been painstakingly put together for even non -internet savvy audience to understand and use with relative ease.

Real estate broking made Easy

Real estate broking is a highly localized business. A real estate broker spends almost all his life working in the same location and therefore gains a very crucial and invaluable amount of knowledge about his or her area. This is what makes customers from far and wide to approach him or her to source the perfect real estate option as per their requirements. This special knowledge, skill and expertise on a certain area is gained by any real estate broker by spending time, energy and learning continuously. It is almost impossible to duplicate without going through this grind. Well, 99sqft.com understands this aspect very well and therefore provides various options in terms of the membership categories to enable real estate brokers to highlight their properties or their real estate consultancy services in their micro locations where their real expertise is valued the most.

For Real Estate professionals

It is also important to understand that for a real estate professional one of the most crucial things is time. 99sqft.com is a property portal that has therefore provided customized services to real estate agents wherein they can save time by simply sharing the basics of their property listings to the 99sqft.com team and the customer service team at 99sqft.com will do the needful in terms of writing the content and getting it posted to the agent’s respective account in the right way to garner maximum responses in the shortest possible time. Of course this special service comes at an additional price but it is worth because it saves a lot of time and energy for the real estate broker allowing him or her to focus on the most important part of the business – follow ups and deal closures. 99sqft.com has been developed by Zybeq Media. It also provides free real estate listing options to real estate brokers and property owners.


While developing any kind of real estate, property and real estate developers have a certain vision about the home / office or shops that they are developing. They also in most cases have their target buyers, investors in their minds when developing or getting into any kind of real estate project development. We at 99sqft.com try and understand the minutest nuances of very real estate project that a property developer wants to promote and market through our portal. We come with customized plans, banners, listings, microsites, email blasts, promotional real estate videos, and customized social media campaigns, minutely developed digital marketing plans to help our real estate developer clients reach their target clients and sell their properties successfully.