4 Ways to Give Gift Cards as Birthday Presents

Gift cards are some of the most requested gifts, whatever the occasion may be. In fact, it has been the top requested present during the holidays. And it has been like this for the past ten years already. When it comes to birthdays, it was revealed that 68% of presents were gift cards. It makes the small rectangular piece of paper or plastic the most in-demand present throughout the year.

So, what makes Visa gifts cards in demand? Why do many people like them instead of traditional gifts?

One of the best reasons why people love receiving gift cards for their birthdays is because they can choose what to buy with it. It is flexible, and it’s worth can be maximised. It is not only a convenient gift for the giver, especially when you have no idea what to give, but it is also considered a thoughtful present by the receiver.

But as much as gift cards are loved, they are still presents that need to be wrapped. Unfortunately, many people give them just as they are: a little card. Thus, the element of surprise is gone.

Thankfully, you can spice up your gift-card-giving and wrap them up as birthday presents in the following unique ways.

Frozen Gift Card

Giving cold, hard cash as gifts has always been popular. But what about a cold, hard gift card?

If the person you are planning to give it to is up for some fun, placing the gift card in a waterproof plastic and freezing it with some water is a great idea. Once the water and card are frozen, put them inside a leak-proof container and add a note on top that says, “COLD, HARD GIFT CARD!”

Surprise Birthday Balloon

Balloon bouquets have been trending as a unique gift idea. But the surprise birthday balloon is catching up to the trend. And it’s the perfect way of bringing the element of surprise to the simple gift card.

You simply have to place the card inside a coloured balloon before inflating it. This way, the birthday celebrant would not know there’s something inside. Then, when you hand it over, tell your friend to pop it so they will get your present.

Surprise Cake

Like the surprise birthday balloon, the surprise cake is the perfect gift surprise.

All you need to do is get a small cake or bake it yourself for an added personal touch. Then cut a small piece in the centre where you can place the gift card. Just make sure you add a string and attach it to the cake topper. When you give your present, ask the birthday celebrant to pull the topper, and they’ll see what you got for them, aside from the cake.

Gift Card Bouquets

A bouquet of flowers is always appreciated, no matter what the occasion is. But you can level up the bouquet by adding a gift card instead of the usual “Happy Birthday” note. Or, if you’re feeling generous, why not create a gift card bouquet in the place of flowers?

Finding the perfect gift to give someone is a challenge for most people. But now that Visa gift cards are available, attending birthday parties with the best gift in hand is easier.

So, don’t waste too much time looking for the right gift. Consider giving a gift card instead. All you have to do is add your personal touch to the packaging, and it’ll be the best gift ever.

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