Dubai Marina to Palm Jumeirah 5 best Investment locations in United Arab

Location. Location. Location. The real secret of buying any property or investing in real estate anywhere in the world and making a decent profit is always location. Ask any real estate expert and you will get this simple advice – invest in real estate but understand the location first. Dubai is no different and although there are plenty of opportunities in Dubai real estate when it comes to investing there are a few areas that look particularly promising for property investments in Dubai.

2022 has been a year full of changes and movements especially for Dubai real estate market. It has brought in plenty of good Dubai real estate investment opportunities too in various locations in this global city. We are listing some of the areas that are likely to grow faster in terms of real estate growth and definitely worth considering for any real estate investor who plans buying a property in Dubai.

It is no secret that the year 2018 has been a buyer’s market completely especially in Dubai. If you have the money or the will to buy there are some great property deals available for off plan properties Dubai where the supply has been on the higher side and the offloading of inventories has not been that fast. As a Dubai property buyer you can now also choose to pick the right location along with the right developer and the right development to help you get the maximum returns in terms of capital appreciation and also good ROI in terms of rental yield for your Dubai real estate asset.

The Dubai real estate market has been more generous towards buyers in the last few months and so the time is certainly perfect for those looking at property investment in Dubai. It is absolutely critical to select the apt location when it comes to real estate investments, as this could impact the Return On Investment that you have calculated with regards to your real estate investment. A few of the locations that have been mentioned in this article could appear to be on the costlier side in terms of investment but they do remain very good prospects in terms of making good profits on your property investment in Dubai.

Great locations for property Investments in Dubai

Dubai Marina

There are some locations in any real estate ecosystem that tend to be the number one choice due to various factors. Well in Dubai it is definitely Dubai Marina that remains one of the most preferred property investment areas. Dubai Marina manages to hold its position in 2018 too and continues to attract world class property developments as well property buyers and investors from across the globe who believe that Dubai Marina is a very safe and positive location to invest in Dubai real estate. Dubai Marina has the perfect mix of residential developments including high end apartments, charming villas, retail stores, food outlets, business establishments, restaurants, cafes and a whole host of facilities that foster world class community living that make it a coveted place to stay for people looking for good live-able options in Dubai.

It enjoys some of the most breath taking views of the marina and Sheikh Zayed Road. Dubai Marina also houses the Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City, and of course the famed American University in Dubai.

Some off plan projects in Dubai Marina in 2018 include the following:

  • Vida Residences by Emaar Properties
  • LIV Residence by LIV Real Estate Development Group
  • Jumeirah Living Marina Gate by Select Group
  • Wyndham Dubai Marina by The First Group
  • The One Dubai Marina by The First Group
  • Studio One by Select Group
  • Sparkle Towers by Tebyan Real Estate Development
  • The Residences at Marina Gate by Select Group
  • 52|42 by Emaar Properties
  • Marina Arcade Residences
  • Stella Maris Tower

Apart from the above, Emaar’s magnificent Bluewater’s Island project which is definitely something that the whole world is looking forward to is validation of the popularity and long term worth of Dubai Marina in the Dubai real estate map.

The property prices including the sale prices as well as rental prices in Dubai Marina have been constant inspire of the ups and downs in Dubai properties overall. This factor also helps one understand the stability of a location like Dubai Marina. It also gives a lot of confidence to new investors who plan to invest in Dubai property market to start with Dubai Marina as one of their preferred locations when it comes to investing.

Currently as per data available in 2018, the average asking price for properties in Dubai Marina is as follows:

Studios 837k Dirhams
1-Bedroom Flats 1.3 Million Dirhams
2-Bedroom Units 2.2 Million Dirhams

Dubai Marina remains top of the list for buying apartments in Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah

Some of the most beautiful and luxurious properties that are in Dubai are in Palm Jumeirah. A superb waterfront area, Palm Jumeirah is a forever classic hit amongst Dubai property investors and property experts too. The upmarket location, the vibrant neighborhood, classy apartments, cafes, restaurants and exotic luxury Dubai villas make Palm Jumeirah a very prime real estate investment destination in Dubai surely.

This location has seen good growth every year and is expected to grow further with the development of the luxury Palm Beach Residences and Raffles projects which are in progress currently. The current real estate data in Dubai shows that the prices in Palm Jumeirah have remained constant and are in fact poised to grow in the coming months and years.

Currently as per data available in 2018, the average asking price for properties in Palm Jumeirah is:

Studios 1.19 Million Dirhams
1-Bedroom Flats 2.2 Million Dirhams
2-Bedroom Units 2.7 Million Dirhams
3-Bedroom Villa 9 Million Dirhams
4-Bedroom Villa 11.3 Million Dirhams
5-Bedroom Villa 14.25 Million Dirhams

Palm Jumeraih is indeed a very popular real estate location in Dubai and the constant popularity of the Palm in the primary as well as secondary market makes it a high priority option for all real estate investors in Dubai including locals as well as expats.

The Ellington Collection, The Palm Tower Residences, Se7en Residences, Azure Residences, Viceroy Palm Jumeirah, Azizi Mina, Palm 360 and Serenia Residences are some off plan projects in Palm Jumeraih in 2018.

Arabian Ranches

An extremely popular development especially in the past recent years, the villa community of Arabian Ranches has seen a tremendous rise in interest amongst Dubai real estate investors.

Arabian Ranches offers a plethora of options in the secondary as well as primary real estate segment. Arabian Ranches offers some of the best Villas in the whole world. Villas are of course one of the most desirable property options in Dubai and a preferred option for the rich and famous naturally. Therefore when somebody is selecting luxury properties in Dubai, Arabian Ranches is one of the first locations that he or she is offered.

A favorite among families and people who are looking to migrate and live in Dubai, Arabian Ranches is also one of the top investment locations in Dubai.

The year 2018 has been a tremendous positive for Arabian Ranches as a location as it has witnessed a sharp spike in Villa sales and rentals too.

Currently as per data available in 2018, the average asking price for villas in Arabian Ranches is:

3-Bedroom Villas 3.25 Million Dirhams Onwards
4-Bedroom Villas 4.25 Million Dirhams Onwards
5-Bedroom Villas 5.40 Million Dirhams Onwards

Rosa Villas, Reem Community and Lila by Emaar are some of the off plan projects in Arabian Ranches.

JVC (Jumeirah Village Circle)

The prestigious mixed use development by the very strong group Nakheel – Jumeirah Village Circle popularly referred to as JVC is definitely one of the most popular and preferred investment locations in Dubai for real estate investors.

The biggest advantage that JVC provides is comfortable reach to prime locations like Dubai Marina, JLT, and Jebel Ali. The central location is therefore very suitable for most end users living in this area and also for the new exppats moving into Dubai.

JVC is also quite affordable as compared to other glamorous locations in Dubai and you can find good deals when you want to buy plush villas and modern apartments in this area.

Some of the best real estate developers are developing some very interesting real estate projects in JVC and a buyer has a lot of options to look forward to when it comes to choosing properties here. JVC has good investment options for capital appreciation as well as for good rental yields.

Currently as per data available in 2018, the average asking price for apartments in JVC is:

Studios 460K Dirhams onwards
1-Bedroom Apartments 750K Dirhams onwards
2-Bedroom Apartments 1.15 million Dirhams onwards

Belgravia Heights 1, O2 Tower, Eaton Place by Ellington, Roxana Residences and Botanica by Myra Properties are some of the off plan projects in JVC.


The new kid on the block when it comes to real estate investment in Dubai is definitely Dubailand. The amount of ideation, money and time that has been spent to create Dubailand as one of the major tourist attraction in Dubai has started yielding results and there is a lot of happening in Dubailand in terms of infrastructure development and also in terms of new real estate projects. As Expo 2020 looms closer with each passing day, Dubailand is gaining prominence in many aspects too.

The City of Arabia, Dubai Lifestyle City and Mudon projects have been highly instrumental in creating a very positive position for Dubailand in terms of being a great investment location. cemented the reputation of the area as a sound investment option. Dubailand offers some of the best apartments, Villas and townhouses that one could wish for and is undoubtedly a very good investment location in Dubai for the long term.

Currently as per data available in 2018, the average asking price for apartments in Dubailand is:

3-Bedroom Villas 1.27 Million Dirhams
4-Bedroom Villas 2.50 Million Dirhams
5-Bedroom villas 3.70 Million Dirhams

Rukan Residence, Remraam, Arabella, Modon Views and Akoya Oxygen are some of the off plan projects in Dubailand.

Some more hot property investment locations in Dubai are:

Downtown Dubai

An extremely popular location in Dubai, Downtown is one of its most glamorous too. Being centrally located, connected to all possible locations in Dubai and being blessed with some of the most jaw dropping real estate developments, Downtown is a superb investment location with myriad real estate options. These include fantastic villas, modern homes, townhouses, apartments and great community livings. Downtown is fondly called as the center of NOW as it is by default the most happening junction for all Dubai activities.

Well when you home a world famous icon like the Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall and Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard – you are definitely one of the most loved locations in Dubai indeed. As one would expect, with all the attention and action, Downtown is also one of the most preferred options for real estate developers to build and property investors to invest in Dubai. A variety of developments including high rise apartments, modern villas, studios and a whole mix of interesting properties find their presence in downtown. With a very strong secondary real estate market, attractive rental yields, commercial establishments, hotels, restaurants, malls – you cannot go wrong with an investment in Downtown Dubai.

Currently as per data available in 2018, the average asking price for apartments in Downtown is:

Studios 1.25 Million Dirhams onwards
1-Bedroom Apartments 1.60 Million Dirhams Onwards
2-Bedroom Apartments 2.85 Million Dirhams Onwards

Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)

If you are planning to invest a relatively small amount in Dubai real estate and are looking for an affordable property to invest in Dubai – you can look at Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT). JLT is again a very nicely located area and offers seamless connectivity to the rest of Dubai city but the advantage it provides additionally is its affordability. JLT also has a lot of commercial centres, high end restaurants, food outlets, malls like IBN Batuta, Mall of Emirates in its vicinity. The plush apartments in JLT come for a significantly lower cost as compared to similar property options in other areas including Dubai Marina. It is therefore very advisable for any property investor in Dubai who is looking for affordable investment options to look at JLT very closely.

Currently as per data available in 2018, the average asking price for apartments in JLT is:

Studios 700K Dirhams onwards
1-Bedroom Apartments 1.20 Million Dirhams Onwards
2-Bedroom Apartments 1.65 Million Dirhams Onwards

Seven City, MBL Residence Tower, Banyan Tree Residences and IGO 101 Tower are some off plan projects in Jumeirah Lake Towers.