Rope Jumping to Jogging 5 effective Exercises to Lose Weight Quick

You might be having a charming attractive personality yourself but excessive fats can give this beautiful personality a repelling look. You can’t wear tight clothes, winters are easy to bear in those layers of clothe no one will ever know how much you have but harder are the summers when you wear lighter more revealing clothes. You may be otherwise slim and handsome one summer but the next after passing one winter everybody will be meeting you and telling you like holly man! You have gained some weight. It’s easy to gain weight relatively then to lose. There are many medications in the market but they always come with some side effects. The best way to reduce weight is by doing effective workout and they are very easy and convenient enough to perform at home. Staying lean and smart is not a something too secret, you just have to perform cardiovascular exercises on daily basis. Sounds exhausting isn’t it? But it’s very essential to stay in shape.

The key point in all exercises is run, jump, squat, lean, sweat and repeat the exercises with speed and brusqueness unless and until those fats in your body starts burning. Make a list of these workouts and follow them on daily basis. And skip no exercise day. You are sure to reduce a lot at the end of 3 months continuous workout. I too was bulky some days in the past but then I made the list of these top 10 most effective workout for reducing fats and it worked like a miracle in giving me the beach body I have today. These are carefully selected beach body workouts and experience based so you can trust me on these.

Rope Jumping

You can obviously manage a rope rather easily. Hold the rope behind you with ends in both hands raise your arms enforcing the rope to form a bend and hoop it over your body till it is almost near to your feet. Jump at the very moment it’s about to touch your feet and repeat the circle. It’s an exciting exercise and is challenging at first but becomes a routine thing later.

Jogging on Treadmill

Running is essential and if you plan on staying fit and active for a longer portion of your life you ought to get one and that too only if you really want to keep your exercise limited to your home. You can buy one easily on beachbody website and they are offering beach body coupons too that might help you drop the original price. Otherwise you can get outside and take a stroll and then a jog in your nearest park where there is eyes cooling greenery too.

Step ups

You have a stair at your home you can get benefited from it. Stand at the lowest stair with one foot on the stair now jump and change the leg and continue it until your legs start exhausting. You can also hold some weights or get dumbells and alternatively keep stepping up and down with changing your feet. It’s a really tiring exercise and will definitely

Exercises on Matress

Get a mattress if you don’t have one because you can do a lot of exercises targeting your belly on just a piece of mattress. Lay straight on your mattress then curve your legs and hold your head in both of your hands. Now try to lift your body with your hands and the strength of your core. Once you roll your shoulder off the floor go back again to original position but slowly with inhaling oxygen. Repeat the same steps. These are called crunches and have a lot of variations. You can do exercises like divebombers, back extensions, spiderman pushups, and planks etc on such matresses.


You can do squats too and they are relatively easy exercises. Just hold your head standing upright, this is your starting position, then slowly bend your legs coming down to the ground in sitting position. Flex your knees and hips slowly. Continue to full depth though your legs may start exhausting too fast. Now come back to your original position. While squatting keep your body straight and push the knees outside. The impact will take time if your body is overweight but it is one of the effective exercises.