The Cause and natural Cough remedies for Kids below 2 Years

Every mother especially new moms always want that their little angel in always good health. However, there is always the bumpy road along the way. Your Kids catches a cold, runny nose, and cough. It always hurts to see their little chest in pain and their breath is short. There are many causes of a Kids cough; the weather changes, unhealthy condition and many more. Since their immunity has not yet developed they are prone to get sick. Even so, parents should not just take the Kids cough lightly since it may be related to many situations. Every parent should at least understand the main cause of their sickness. In this article sharing some natural Cough remedies for Kids.

The common cause of Kids cough will include infection – upper respiratory infection is the most common cause of Kids cough as well as cold. In general the drainage mucous to the back side of throat causes a cough. Definitely Kids and children under eight years cannot “cough up” the mucous from their throat. Since they cannot spit out the liquid material; they will force to cough and end up vomiting with the mucous. Moreover, the sinus infection is also kind of common upper respiratory infection which associated with green or yellow thick liquid in nasal drainage to the back side of the throat. This also causes a cough as the mucous stimulate it. Not Only to Children Cough also appears in Adults.

Do you still recall when the first time your Kid sick? It is very heartbreaking, but you should get over it and get the effective remedies. However, before deciding the right Cough remedies for Kids; parents should understand the cough symptoms. Most babies’ illnesses start with a cough; therefore you should understand a cough.

A Dry Cough

This often indicates allergies or cold for a Kid, for example, a throat infection. Through coughing, they can eliminate the irritation feeling.

Barky a Cough

This kind of a cough indicates a swelling in the upper side of the trachea. The swelling is usually caused by croup in which their small airways become swell and makes them hard to breathe. The croup is usually associated with bacterial infection as well as allergies.

A wet Cough

This usually associated with bacterial infections which cause respiratory disease. This cough promotes the production of mucous in the airways.

Whooping Cough

This kind of a cough is usually associated with bacterium Bordetella Pertussis in which makes the Kid breath produce whooping sound. You can find the sound in between the coughing. The common symptom of a whooping cough is often followed by the sneezing, runny nose, and mild fever.

Cough with Wheezing

This is the sign of swollen at the low side of airways in the lung. You can hear the wheezing sound when they exhale during coughing. The common causes of cough with wheezing re bronchitis and asthma.

Cough with Vomiting

When the Kid is a cough, they tend to vomit also. When the Kid is cold or asthma; the excess mucus in stomach triggers nausea. Coughing also promotes the vomit since it triggers the gag reflex. Vomiting is not a serious problem, unless the vomit does not stop.

Many moms and dads go through the sleepless night when their Kids in a cough, cold, or fever. Plenty of them cannot stand to see the kid in pain and immediately takes them to the doctor. However, unless a cough does not heal in the several day; you can do home remedies to cure a cough. Here are some home remedies to cure kids cough.

Breast Milk

For a kid under six months the best cure is breast milk. They do not need medication since the breast milk helps strengthen the immunity to fight the germs and bacteria. It is also the proper ailment to keep the kids body hydrated. If your kid is in cold and cough; it is better to give them plenty of breast milk.

Nasal Saline Drops

Most pediatrics will prescribe saline drops for kids. However, you can also make a homemade saline drop in replace to the chemical one. You need a steel bowl and spoon; then sterilize it. Make a solution of the ½ teaspoon of salt in eight tablespoon of warm filtered water. You can immediately use it to your kids once it cools. However, the homemade saline drops prone to germ and bacterial growth; therefore, it is better to use the on the counter one. You can use this homemade recipe just in case in emergency and you are running out of saline drops at home.

Dry Cough Remedy

You can make your own dry cough remedies by boiling ½ teaspoon of licorice powder with a cup of water for about 2 or 3 minutes. Then put the liquid in a thermos and feed to your kid one teaspoon.

Cough remedy for Kids 3 months to 1 year Old

You can give them warm and clear fluids such as warm water for 5 to 15 mL per day during coughing. You should avoid giving them honey since it can promote infantile botulism.

You can modify the remedy according to the kids need. If the symptoms do not seem to bother them, they do not need further medications or remedies. You can use the remedies if the symptoms of coughing and fever disturb their activity and cause discomfort. However, before taking the kid to pediatric; home remedies may works better since you use only natural products which do not seem to have side effects for the kids.