Effective Home Remedies to fix your Diastasis Recti

Diastasis recti is a non-emergency condition most women suffer because of old age and child delivery. The situation is a common concern among pregnant women, and about two-thirds of women who have given birth or are pregnant get concerned about having the condition.

How to Fix Diastasis Recti is a question you’d often hear most women complain of. It is an unsightly condition because your belly sticks out. Diastasis recti causes your left and right abdominal muscles to stretch and widen.

Though the condition is more prevalent among women, men are also prone to having the state. Obesity, family history, and age play an important role in why men acquire a “pooch belly.”

A surgical procedure can quickly correct the problem. But for those seeking alternative processes, home remedies, and routine exercise are the better options. Here are some proven techniques to fix diastasis recti:

Avoid Straining or Putting Pressure on Your Abdominal Area

One thing that can make your Abdominal Recti worse is by straining your core muscles. It includes routine ab movements like sit-ups, crunches, planks, and various other exercises that put excessive force on your stomach.

If you suffer from the physical condition, avoid lifting heavy objects, including carrying your kids. It strains the connective tissues in your abs, which widens the gap between each section of your abdomen.

Having diastasis recti abdominis also weakens your core strength, so avoid strenuous ab workouts until you have already strengthened your transverse abdominal muscles. Keep in mind that developing an everyday ab exercise routine builds up your muscle strength and tighten the gaps between each muscle section.

Postpartum Exercises to Ease Your Diastasis Recti

Though it is advised to avoid ab workouts, removing it from your exercise routine will altogether weaken your entire midsection. Some of the helpful light exercises you can do at home to heal your diastasis recti include:

  • Umbrella breathing combined with Kegel routine to engage your abdominal muscles.
  • Pelvic tilts with upward cow position and lower abs movement.
  • Kneeling leg and arm extension exercise to maintain core contractions.
  • Toe taps while lying on your back for core and pelvic alignment.
  • Leg extensions for core stability.
  • C-curving routine to increase ab muscle flexibility.

How to Fix Diastasis Recti is not a complicated question as you often might think. There are various other light exercises to help treat your abdominal condition.

It is essential to take note that strengthening your core muscles is one key to correcting the problem. But if you have a severe case of diastasis recti, always consider taking things lightly and making sure that your exercise routine fits your body’s capacity.

Improving Your Posture and Getting Enough Relaxation

Most of the time, your posture has a direct impact on your ailments. It includes diastasis recti because you are putting added strain on your structural muscles. Pregnant women often find it hard to keep their posture aligned, which contributes to the development of the condition.

Keeping your spine aligned during and after pregnancy often works to correct the problem on its own. But more importantly, getting enough rest helps your body heal. It might be impossible when you have a young child to wean, but getting enough rest is more critical for a childbearing mother.

Allowing yourself to get enough rest is a natural way of supporting your body’s healing process. The combination of exercise, avoiding too much strain, improving your posture, and getting enough rest helps treat diastasis recti without going for expensive surgical procedures.

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