Sagittarius Love, Careers, Personality Horoscope in Details

Sagittarius Love, Careers, Personality Horoscope in Details

As the ninth sign in the sun’s rotation around the Earth, Sagittarius rule the skies from November 23 to December 21 as a fire element that can burn quick and uncontrollably through everyone’s lives, yet with a mutable, or agreeable, quality that keeps people coming back to those with this zodiac sign. With a constellation shaped like an arrow, Sagittarius carry themselves as the archers of the zodiac. The most famous archer they’re based on is Chiron, a centaur from ancient Greece who was Achilles’ archery mentor and trainer. The choice of centaur as the archer for this zodiac is to show the relationship we all have between us as humans and the beasts of this world. As this connection is brought home within the Sagittarius, it also harkens back to the element that rules this zodiac, an uncontrollable force that’s quick to leave a lasting impression on those around them. The same can be said for animals who leave the same type of impression.

Sagitarious Personality

As true followers of their desires for freedom, adventure, and excitement, Sagittarius people will travel any distance and explore every nook and cranny for their ever-present need for wisdom. With the ultimate goal of pure freedom, you’ll find a Sagittarius makes decisions solely based on fulfilling this goal for him/herself, which can present a problem to those wishing for commitment from this group of zodiacs. Whether it’s a relationship or work related, you can bet that a Sagittarius will want something to keep them free to pursue the things that matter most to them: truth and independence. Keeping these people tied down or attempt to tie them down and you’ll find yourself in a world of pain as they’ll shed those bonds and walk away without a backward glance. With their restless spirit, they need to find constant stimulation through new adventures and experiences to make their lives truly happy ones.

Because they seek such freedom and independence in their own lives, they respect the same wishes that others have for theirs. You won’t find any other zodiac sign that’s the most kind than a Sagittarius nor will you find one that doesn’t expect anything in return for that kindness. As a selfless group, they only ask that you respect them as they respect you. Since you don’t have to fear a possessive or jealous streak, you’ll find that a Sagittarius is a great friend and confidant to have around with their positive attitudes and optimistic outlook on life and all it has to offer.

Due to their need for new adventures and experiences, you’ll find that Sagittarius people make some of the best conversationalists with their own brand of humor. However, their conversation skills don’t extend to telling lies or half-truths. They are the straightest shooters you’ll find, sometimes telling you some harsh truths about yourself and others that you may not want to hear. Though they don’t intend for the comments to be hurtful, they can appear rather tactless since they don’t temper their words when they give their honest opinions. On the bright side, since they do believe in telling the truth, you won’t have to worry about them playing mind games with you in order to manipulate the situation to their advantage. This harkens back to their need for respect for their life choices and their respect for other’s rights to choose for themselves.

With their constant need for freedom, you won’t be able to keep these zodiacs tied down with a highly structured and organized lifestyle since it’s the very environment that will stifle them into their greatest fear: boredom. They’ll do anything to keep from experiencing that boredom that comes from this lifestyle where rules are meant to be followed and redundancy eventually kicks in. Their goals all lead to a lifestyle that focuses more on living in the present as well as the future rather than the past. They believe there isn’t any reason to dwell on the past since it can’t be changed. They also don’t bother reading into their emotions or even putting much stock in emotions in general since it’s just a waste of energy they could be using elsewhere, which can make them seem highly unemotional.

Careers for Sagittarius

With their ability to tell some amazing stories based on their many adventures and experiences, it’s no wonder why Sagittarius people make the best storytellers, comedians, writers, actors, and even philosophers. Their varied lifestyles have brought them a wealth of knowledge about the world around them and their unending optimism makes them perfect for these types of positions as they recount their adventures with their own brand of conversation through the spoken and written word. Along with written professions, Sagittarius people have a desire to create a better world for everyone to enjoy and believe it’s truly possible through professions, such as doctors, lawyers, and professors, where they can make a difference in several lives.

They are also suited for most positions within the business world, but it only goes as far as they are willing to commit, which isn’t for long. They can’t stand jobs that have daily tasks that become quickly mundane for these zodiacs. They prefer positions where their freedom isn’t compromised through long and arduous commitments. If they do find themselves with mundane tasks, they’ll do their utmost to procrastinate or pawn the task on someone else. This only changes when a deadline suddenly looms in front of them and then the time crunch is on. With this new crisis before them of getting their project done on time, you’ll see a completely different person as they thrive under pressure, producing amazing results even at the last minute. Even as they procrastinate, they’re not a lazy bunch of zodiacs compared to some others, but they do loathe being bored so they’ll choose tasks that excite them over those that don’t. They also approve of results that can be seen immediately versus those that take considerably more time for any physical signs of success.

Finances for the Sagittarius

With their sunnier dispositions and honest belief that goodness is lurking behind every corner that life brings to them, luck just seems to follow them. With that luck, comes their usually high success with well-established and high-paying professions and those that aren’t. Either way, their money is usually used for their pursuits of new adventures or experiences if it isn’t earmarked for helping a charity or someone else in need. Just as they are selfless in their personality, they are the same with their wallets. They truly want to spread their good fortune around without a thought to their future financial security. Having some money set aside for an emergency fund and even a retirement fund can help these zodiacs with securing their needs for the future.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Sagittarius aren’t known for their emotional sides since they aren’t usually bothered by their lack of emotion, making them appear detached to people and situations. They don’t bother to show their emotions because they believe it’s just a waste of their energy and time when there’s nothing you can do about those emotions. However, that won’t stop hurt feelings for them should someone commit a selfish and careless act against them or feeling irritable when they are stuck with a boring task. Because of this emotional detachment, they are great in the love and romance department in that they don’t let past negative experiences produce emotional baggage that is transported to their next relationship with someone.

Despite their well-adjusted emotions, their need for freedom and independence makes them unsuitable for traditional relationships that call for long-term commitments. They honestly despise the very idea of being confined or contained by someone else. If they feel like they are working towards that state, they’ll pack their bags and flee as fast as their feet can carry them. So, in order to have a long-lasting relationship, you can’t put high expectations on them or hold your relationship to a lot of rules and standards. With this being the case, those that are from the zodiacs of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Pisces should avoid relationships with a Sagittarius. They just aren’t meant for long-term relationships if they are expected to be contained to a small bubble. Those from the other zodiacs understand this need and are willing to let a Sagittarius be a Sagittarius. The only one that has a 50-50 chance for failure or success is a relationship is a Libra. With their love for adventure, they make great companions, but their adventures tend to stay closer to a set location or roots for them, which will stifle a Sagittarius.

When you’re taking a Sagittarius out for the first time and want to leave a lasting impression, you should plan on fun activities and easy conversations about them and their adventures. Don’t push for more from them in terms of relationship exclusivity or prying into their personal lives, especially at first. With Sagittarius women, you can gain their attention by planning last minute trips and surprises, which will keep you on her mind. For a male of this zodiac, entice him enough to give chase. He thrives on the thrill of hunting for his next relationship, especially a casual one, so present yourself as an aloof and mysterious individual and you’ll hook him for sure. Just make sure once you’ve hooked him to avoid any talks of long-term commitments and be prepared for a lack of romance within him. It’s simply not his nature.

They are amazing and adventurous lovers for those that want an easy and enjoyable time with them. They are open to new places and new experiences when it comes to the intimate side of human relations and all that entails. So, the more adventurous, the better for a Sagittarius. Just be sure you’re up to their openness for the new. If you’re the slightest bit prudish or traditional, you won’t do well with a Sagittarius.

Lucky Dates and Numbers for Sagittarius

For most the number 3 isn’t a particularly favorable number, much like the number 7, but for Sagittarius, that number is the one where they should be paying attention to the changes within their lives through new adventures, experiences, and/or relationships. As for the years that these changes will come for them, they are 3, 12, 21, 30, 33, 42, 51, and 60. As a Sagittarius, you can expect some good changes with your ever-enduring optimism to come your way during these momentous years. Who knows what these years will hold for you as you continue through life pursuing your philosophical and adventurous needs.


As an arrow-toting centaur, these Sagittarius zodiacs come from a long line of adventuring and wisdom-seeking people who place truth and honesty above all other virtues. With the fire element backing your sign, you’ll surely leave a quick and uncontrollable burning behind you as you blaze your way through new experiences and people, looking for the next opportunity to discover something new that can benefit your need for knowledge as well as help others to create a better world for your generation and the next one. Even as you make friends with everyone from all walks of life and provide them with the necessary knowledge and truths you have to offer, you might try to understand their emotions by examining your own from time to time. Though our emotions are fleeting, they are a part of the human experience, which makes them an important aspect to your fulfillment of true wisdom.