5 effects of poor Personal Hygiene Body Odor or Bad Breath

Having proper personal hygiene is vital in a person’s daily life. Daily routines keep the body clean. Examples of these are handwashing, brushing of teeth, washing your hair, using deodorant and scrubbing your body with soap and water.

When these habits get overlooked, consequences develop ranging from health to social problems. We’ll take a look at the 5 effects of poor personal hygiene.

1. Body Odor

From the interaction of sweat and bacteria produced from the apocrine glands, it produces body odor. From unwashed sweat, bacteria increases and as time passes by, it results in a smell. Overall, it starts with poor personal hygiene.

2. Bad Breath

Bad breath is another typical result of poor hygiene. You can get it from irregular flossing and brushing of teeth. The bacteria grows on food particles that get stuck in the teeth. When the bacteria digests this leftover, they produce an odor that associates with bad breath.

Another reason, according to the American Dental Association, for bad breath is that the food in your teeth starts to rot producing a foul odor.

3. Urinary Tract Infection

A majority of infections are a result of bacteria that reside in the intestines called the Escherichia coli. When these bacteria manage to reach the urethra, it moves to the bladder and kidneys which may result in pain, fever and urinary tract problems.

Proper toilet habits are needed to avoid getting infected. Ensure to clean your hands after you use the toilet. Use soap and water or an alcohol jelly to remove any bacteria that may cause an infection completely.

Another alternative is to buy a bidet toilet. These toilets have a lot of features that enhances toilet hygiene. Take, for example, a bidet’s automatic washing of the rear area decreases the need for you to get your hands down there. Thus reducing contact and spreading of bacteria.

Most bidets nowadays are available online for purchase. An example is Bidet Genius that mainly has bidet toilet seats.

4. Dental Diseases

Bad breath is not the only by-product of poor dental hygiene. It also leads to a series of dental diseases. A plaque begins to form, at the start, where the food particles and bacteria gather. The bacteria within the plaque breaks down your teeth’s enamel when it releases some acids.

As this continues, a calculus starts to form. It is a hard substance that can irritate the surrounding gums that leads to inflammation of gums, gingivitis and when worst comes to worst, gum disease. This disease destroys your teeth when it causes an infection.

5. Body Lice

Body lice are insects that grow in clothes and beddings. These insects bite areas in the waist, armpit and groin area as these are the most convenient for them to creep into the skin from clothes. It is necessary to take regular baths and wearing of fresh clothes regularly to avoid these insects.


In summary, by merely overlooking or forgetting to execute the proper habits for personal hygiene, you risk yourself to getting exposed to various diseases and infections. Prevent bacteria, virus, insects and more from attacking you with regular proper hygiene.

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