Home based profitable Business ideas for Housewives

Many of us simply wish to make something more, sitting at home at their convenient time. A small business setup is always a good option for them, as it needs low investment. These small scale businesses can be an excellent option for housewives. A lot of ideas can be implemented sitting at home and anyone can succeed in any kind of business with some simple techniques. May housewives think that the economic condition is getting tougher and the income from one single man is not enough to run the family. If you are one of them, then you can step ahead and start your own business. Here are let us share some profitable Business ideas for Housewives.

Day Care Center

Professional life is very demanding and not every mother can leave their profession for their kids. Start a day care where you can some great spend time with your kids and can take care of others children. Many working mothers need reliable and trustworthy day care centers to take care of their kids.

Home made goods

If you are very creative and have an eye for good artwork, start making your own designs and sell them. Use your networking skills to promote and sell. Social media can help you here. Make special art designs or gift hampers or baskets on special days and make them personal by adding messages.

Homemade food

If you are trained in baking your own bread or birthday cakes, no one can stop you. Birthday cakes are needed more than anything else. Start baking or cooking food under your own brand to create your own name in the market. This a top rated Home based profitable Business ideas for Housewives.

Medical Transcription

If you have a good command over English and are excellent at typing, then try medical transcription. These transcripts are always needed as the doctors always need them to convert their files into audio. This work can make you earn a lot of money as the expertise is less and needs very minimum equipment.

Freelance professional

Freelance jobs are common nowadays and if you are ready to work anything, then sky is the limit. If you are staying outside the United States and stay in countries like India, China, Philippines, Nigeria, then you can earn some great money by doing freelance work. These jobs can be done online and can be coordinated with the client through email and chat. A few jobs allow you to work a couple of hours a day or a number of hits on a particular website. Your work is done and you get paid every month.

Elderly care

A lot of elder population needs help with small things in their daily routine. This is a form of non–medical help and you can help them in their daily chores.

Web designs

If you are qualified in the web designing industry and have experience with it, then you can start designing from home. You just need to have the skills and the necessary software to do the needful.


You can make candles, bouquets, greeting cards, bookmarks and many other souvenirs and sell them to make good money. Candles and chocolates are in demand throughout the year and hence they will never go out of demand.


Women who love to cook and entertain people can start a catering business. You just need to have a trained staff or someone who can help you. Find a place where clients can come and meet you.

Legal Transcription

The equipment for the legal transcriptionist is similar to the medical transcriptionist. You should have some knowledge about legal things and how it works.

Nanny services

At the convenience of staying in your home, start a nanny service for mothers who have to keep their children for some time and cannot manage alone. They have to go for parties, dinners or business meetings and you can help them.

Pet sitting services

Lots of people around us have pets and you can offer help to these families when they are out. Pet sitting can be done, as it is not a permanent job and alongside start a pet grooming or a dog care service.

There are a hundred more ideas which will need low investment and can be done on a small scale. Do what you love to do and you will certainly do it the best. Choose the best on how much time you can give and how much you want to earn. Your hobby ideas can turn into a business. That will make you independent financially and you can be available when the family needs you.

Hope you like the above Business ideas for Housewives. Share us.