Why you Should Consider Dominica Citizenship by Investment?

Often confused with the Dominican Republic, Dominica is the last Caribbean island that’s also known to be one of the most beautiful places of this world. With plethora of gorgeous and picturesque views, Dominica is the most mountainous island as compared to the other Caribbean Islands. If you are good enough to save a week or more for your precious calendar and busy schedule, you’ll be almost out of this world on a trip to paradise when visiting Guadeloupe and Martinique. With a temporary visits, people often prefer to be a permanent part of such a beautiful and peaceful place on Earth. Perhaps that’s the reasons as to why most of them apply go for the Dominica citizenship by investment. This program has been launched by the Commonwealth of Dominica that’s being adopted by other fast developing countries.

Though it’s not just the beauty of Dominica that makes it so persuasive for people to buy the citizenship, there are many other reasons and benefits being offered by the Government of Dominica that attracts an individual to have Dominica Citizenship? The deal is quite fair, people willing to buy the citizenship, will economically invest in the country that leads to the development of a country. In return to which, they get the citizenship with huge benefits as well. Such as;

Visa Free Travel

Seriously, who doesn’t want that? Almost everybody loves to travel around the world and craves to discover new places and have new experiences from them. When you buy the Dominica citizenship by investment, this beautiful country rewards you with this precious pearl that’s known as the visa free travel. Having Dominica Passport, you will be able to travel over 120 countries including UK, Schengen, Hong Kong and Ireland etc. It’s just like this world is all your, nobody is going to stop you at any terminal. Just hold the Dominica Passport and go for a round the world trip.

No Residency Required

Don’t take it light, people invest over a decade of their lives to get the citizenship of some country just because they are supposed to live there for years without going anywhere out of that country. Then they can apply for the citizenship, which is a whole new chapter of migraine. But that’s not the case with Dominica. In fact, it’s not necessary for you to reside in the Republic of Dominica one you have been offered with Dominica citizenship by investment.

Better Future

Perhaps that’s what almost everybody plans and works hard for. Truly, Dominica is a land of opportunities because since it’s in the development mode, it won’t take much effort in building your economic empire. New businesses won’t really have to face the fierce competition that’s why the growth opportunities grow automatically. Moreover, the Dominica doesn’t impose the global taxation which means that whatever you earn is all yours.


If you have ever been worried or ambiguous about this point even in your own country, let us inform that Dominica is one of the most peaceful places in the Caribbean. It’s all because the border of Dominica are protected day and night. Mostly, the people are hesitant about building their businesses and buying new properties in Dominica especially the new entrants. We would like to share that one can build, develop and manage the business without any fear or harm in the Republic of Dominica.

There would be no damage or harm to your business assets as well as your family. For those of you, who have been ambiguous about this, just free your mind with these things as there is nothing like that in there.