Which London River Cruise is the best?

Cruising along the Thames River is a great activity to enjoy on your London trip. The Thames is one of the greatest rivers in the world and has played an important role in shaping the history of the city.

Your London travel won’t be complete without joining one of the river cruises in Thames. There are plenty of Thames river boats to choose from. If you want to indulge a bit, you can opt for luxury liners that serve delicious gourmet meals on board. Otherwise, hop in an old-style ship for a sightseeing adventure along the Thames. To help you in making the best decision, here are some of the best cruises in London.

1. Showboat Dinner Cruise

This cruise will take you on a 3-hour journey along the Thames River. On board, you’ll be treated to delicious drinks and meals, plus some entertainment. You’ll be treated to the magnificent views of the city at night as your boat travels along the scenic river. Enjoy a 4-course dinner with a glass of sparkling wine as you listen to singers performing some of the most popular West End songs.

2. River Thames High-Speed Cruise

If you are up for some adventure, this high-speed cruise on Thames would be great for you. On this tour, you’ll be on board a speedboat with a James Bond music playing on the background. This 50-minute tour will pass along the Canary Wharf while your boat travels at a rate of 50 knots! Enjoy the lovely views of London while feeling like a movie star in this adrenaline pumping river cruise in Thames!

3. Tower of London and Thames River Sightseeing Cruise Tour

This river cruise is similar to the hop on hop off city tours. But instead of a bus, you’ll be on board a boat as it travels along the Thames River. The boat will be passing at some of the most famous attractions in the city, such as the Tower of London. In fact, this tour includes free ticket to the tower. To find out more information about the route of this hop on hop off river tour, refer to our London attractions map.

4. London Eye and Thames River Sightseeing Cruise Tour

This is another sightseeing tour along the Thames River and includes a free ticket to the London Eye. With this river tour, you’ll be visiting some of the city’s most popular attractions while listening to some live commentary on board. It’s a great way to learn more about the city and some of the sights that you’ll be passing by!

5. Dinner Cruise Tour

This is highly recommended if you prefer a romantic cruise along the Thames. The tour takes around 4 hours. On board, you’ll be served a delicious 5-course dinner as you listen to some live entertainment. As you travel along the river, you’ll be treated to the beautiful views of London at night.

So these are some of the most recommended London River cruises along the Thames River. When choosing the best cruise, consider your needs and preferences. If you prefer to cruise along the river at night with a free dinner on board, you can choose the London Showboat Dinner Cruise or the London Thames River Dinner Cruise Tour. For those who want a sightseeing tour of London, the London Eye And Thames River Tour and the Tower Of London And Thames River Cruise Tour is highly recommended. Travelers who want to have a bit of adventure while cruising along Thames should go for the River Thames High-Speed Cruise!