Moz or Kiss Metrics like Top 5 Digital Marketing Blogs you Should follow

Digital Marketing advances are beyond the capacity of the stop watch. It moves faster than your imagination giving you a tough time in keeping pace with it. But you cannot be that obsolete bag at the corner if you are in business. Many a times following the Digital Marketing blogs is the easiest way to be at par with the times even when you outsource to the best Digital marketing Company in Jaipur.

With an array of digital marketing blogs on the web, it is obvious for the readers to get confused between the ones that fulfill the needs and the unnecessary ones. But following are the few blogs that would benefit you the most.

Marketing Land – Digital Marketing News & Views

Marketing Land features the daily breaking news in the digital marketing industry. Besides the news, it also features the views, stories, tips, strategies and articles by eminent writers that can be applied to your own digital marketing campaigns.

Moz Blog – Search Engine Marketing

The blog provides many useful posts on SEO strategies and practices. It also gives solutions to many issues and problems faced by the business owners in their SEO campaigns. it also keeps one updated with the SEO techniques with more focus on content strategies.

Kiss Metrics – Digital Marketing Stats and Studies

The blogs in the site give specialist knowledge on testing, marketing and analytics. The latest in the field of digital marketing tests, studies and statistics also find place in the site. Your thirst for knowledge on customer analytics, social media and email marketing is fulfilled here. Besides, it also helps you in your research for your own articles and campaign proposals.

Social Media Examiner – Social Media

Your queries for social media strategies are resolved by reading the blog posts here. Advices on many social media platforms like You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc are provided by specialists.

Case studies, reviews on the industry researches, expert interviews and advices provided on the blog posts help you in formulating an effective social media marketing strategy in various channels.

E-Consultancy – Innovative and Latest Digital Marketing

The digital marketing blog covers almost all the aspects of internet marketing. Innovative trends and practical advises to the marketers comprise the matter for the posts in the blogs.

Reading the digital marketing blogs is the least you can do to keep up with the changing trends in the industry. Consult the SEO Company in Jaipur for more information on such blog posts.