Why Marketing Automation is the Future of Digital Marketing?

We all know that technology plays an important role in all sectors nowadays. So, the only way to keep yourself and your business updated with the current trends is to integrate digital solutions. Digital solutions for each business varies according to its area of function. But almost every business needs some kind of marketing strategy to improve its market value. This is where a marketing automation tool comes into play.

In this blog, we will describe how the future of digital marketing depends on marketing automation in detail.

What is Digital Marketing?

We all know how simplified our life has become due to devices like computers, tablets and mobile phones. Same way, digital products can simplify the marketing process. Digital marketing is the use of software and digital tools to streamline the marketing workflow.

With the advent of social media, targeted marketing has become very efficient. Digital marketing includes, but not limited to:

  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Website visitor tracking and personalised content
  • A centralised marketing database

All these functions collectively come under the term ‘digital marketing’. Needless to say, digital marketing has revolutionised the way organisations approach potential leads.

What is Marketing Automation?

Now that we know what digital marketing is, let us discuss one of the tools that are revolutionising digital marketing itself. What if you do not need to do all those digital marketing functions by yourself? What if the software takes care of all those processes for you? That is exactly what a marketing automation tool does. It makes your day-to-day marketing tasks simpler by automation algorithms.

Almost all successful companies in the market use automation tools to carry out their bidding. They have reported that it increases the efficiency of the workflow. It also reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks.

Since the software takes care of these tasks, your employees have a lot of time in their hands to perform vital tasks. Using these tools is not just time-saving, it also reduces the money and resources spent.

Marketing automation – The future of digital marketing

The following are some of the ways how marketing automation tools prove to be useful. These are also the ways how marketing automation proves to be the future of digital marketing.

1. Social Media Marketing

Most startups today think that they have to pay a social media consultant. But that is definitely not the case. A social media consultant might know when to deploy a strategy. So does the marketing automation tool. It helps you post timely ads and promotion posts to create traction.

We all know social media is not going out of use any time soon. So isn’t it better to invest in marketing automation that can improve your social media presence?

You can gain useful insights from social media automation tools. Customised content creation is possible with marketing automation. Through social media, you can attract more audience and divert them to your website. You do not have to rely on a manual process that takes forever, to attract customers.

2. Email marketing

Almost everyone who surfs the internet has an email ID. Emails have continued to stay on top for a long time. Even after the invention of simpler chat platforms, email remains the formal way of communication. It is because emails make it easier to trace trails. Which is very useful for business communication.

A marketing automation tool gathers useful information from your site visitors. By using this information, it can now create personalised emails. Aren’t we more likely to open emails that understand what we need and when we need it? People also tend to prefer emails with their names.

By using manual marketing techniques, it is impossible to create personalised content. But marketing automation has made it possible. You can also effectively track and create reports of your email marketing strategy. So you can constantly improve your digital marketing journey. Isn’t improving your business is what the future is all about?

3. Event Marketing

Scheduling events on certain occasions, like the Black Friday Sale, is critical to the growth of a company. But when done manually, it is perplexing for the employees to choose the most suitable time. This is why automation tools help you with arranging timely campaigns and events. It advises you to conduct events at a time which is more favourable for the business.

This is how marketing automation proves to be the future of digital marketing. Your future marketing team will have time to focus on generating better marketing strategies, using the reports from campaigns and events.

4. Automated Reports

Automated reports are one of the most effective tools of the software. Creating reports has always been a hectic task. Collecting the variables for the reports is already a time-consuming process. Thus, using the marketing automation tool, you can create accurate and detailed reports with just a few clicks. The only effective way in which your business can move forward is to create reports of the past.


Marketing automation is undoubtedly the most influential innovation in the digital marketing world. The very definition of digital marketing has changed due to automation. Using computers to promote marketing is an outdated concept. Computers automatically using data to improve marketing is the talk of the new marketing age.

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