Customer Needs to Prototype what more for marketing a new App

This article is your guide to developing and marketing an app. Read on to find more in this regard.

An Idea Cloud – Which one to Choose?

When you’re planning on developing an app, you’re probably filled with ideas to choose from. Well, you’re on the right track.

The modern day demands change according to trends and what’s in today might just be out tomorrow. This is why a collection of ideas is always beneficial for your app development process. Brainstorm as much as you can, and come up with numerous ideas before settling for the one you like the most.

Customer Needs

Now that you’ve chosen your idea, do you think there is even a market for that?

It is always fruitful to carry out polls and survey, whether online or in person, in order to understand and analyze the prevailing market trend and need. No matter how unique your idea is, if there is no market to sell it at, your app will fail! So, to save yourself the loss, do your homework beforehand.


So you’re creating something the audience has been dying to get their hands on? Looks like it’s time to build your prototype!

Release the initial core proposition of your app out in the market for the customers to get an idea of what your product offers. After that, your app’s further development depends on the feedback of your customers. This way you’ll know how successful reality is compared to research and theory.


While you’re all Worked up, are your Finances in Place?

Before you take any further step, you must realize the power of monetary strength. It is important you have enough savings to cover you up in case of a loss and to invest in the app making.

One of the most important expenses of app making is outsourcing a developing team. It is important you choose and spend wisely on a highly efficient app developing team in order to avoid any regrets later.

The Deed is Done – How will the people find out about it?

Well, as helpful as the app-store optimization is, you still need to walk that extra mile for your app’s marketing if you really want as much people knowing about it as possible.

Here is what you can do to market your app:

1. Take your app to the Apple AppStore and Android PlayStore. With just a little fee, your app will be visible on the platforms even before it is officially launched to give customers and idea of what it would be like.

2. Take your marketing strategy online and hit the social media! Whatever you’re selling, it obviously has a market. You need to discover who your real market is and with the number of willing customers exposed to social media, it is impossible to not interact with your target potentials! Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the popular, trending social media platforms for a successful market establishment.

With just a few steps, although slim, you may still have a chance to become the next Facebook of your time!