Obesity and Infertility in Women by a fertility Center in Mumbai

Obesity is a trending word to term an over-weight person in today’s word. Obesity doesn’t see gender. It doesn’t see age nor any physical feature. Infertility in Women was not born but it was an evolution over the period. Consumerism evolved, thus lifestyle evolved. Industrialization brought in new brands to our world were every country became active consumers. People are the ones who define a countries growth and development. In this regard, people welcomed the growth of food industry with open arms.

In the past two decades, India saw an increase of 100+ food brands, both national and international. Thus paving the way for competition. India, being a price sensitive consumer economy consumed everything consider from “cheap” to “costly”. Thus the division happened. In cities like Mumbai, we can see a clear division of low, mid and high-class eateries, and no matter what class the eatery is, it is packed all the time. The blame is not the ever hungry population but on the growth and revolution of industrialization. The growth of IT sector in India was a boon to the 100+ crore population then, which is not the case now. Thus western culture paved the way into India.

One side, employment was growing and hence more disposable income. On the other hand, the food industry was blooming, and our bigger word “consumerism” was taking place. People started to buy thing which made their work easy. This was an opportunity for the business mind brilliants who brought in the concept of “ready-to-eat”. These ready-to-eats were wonderful to our modern consumers wants a hot pizza baked, packed and served hot at their doorsteps. This was the beginning of cold-storage foods, baker items, foods with a lot of flour and nothing else. At present, the consumers have been consumed by this lifestyle change and hence we gave the birth to a new concept called “obesity”. This affects our basic attributes like looks and weight.

But just not that. In recent times, obesity has been one of the important reason for infertility in women. Being over-weight hinders the normal reproductive cycle in women. An individual who is living in Mumbai goes to a fertility clinic in Mumbai after several attempts of trying to conceive. This has become more prevalent among younger women, especially the IT crowd. Women are made to work longer hours, with limited communication. This forces a normal human brain to seek relaxation elsewhere like eating, smoking, and drinking. This is the basic cost we are incurring toward our natural reproduction cycle.

Going after a fertility center in Mumbai is effective for most of the women in the city as technology has brought in a lot of improved technologies like IVF, IUI, ICSI, laser-assisted hatching, time lapsed monitoring and a lot more. A fertility expert analyses us and our partner to find out the exact reason for Infertility in Women and who amongst both the reason is. The most important thing to note is, the level of impact our lifestyle has brought in to us. This is not just about fertility but can increase the risk of heart and liver diseases as well. A healthy heart is always God’s own place. It is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and but a bad lifestyle is never worth losing our future.