Carbs, Calories to Fiber 5 benefits of Consuming Mass Gainers

When you start hitting the gym to work out with a certain goal in your mind, you tend to become extra cautious about each step that you take as it can affect your results. This is when fitness aficionados start obsessing over anything that they feel can help them reach their goals. Be it protein supplements, BCAAs or any other supplement, fitness buffs try a lot to boost their bodybuilding journey. One such supplement is a mass gainer. Used extensively by bodybuilders worldwide, this supplement is good for those who want to gain healthy weight. This article talks about the benefits of Mass Gainers.

What is a Mass Gainer?

Mass gainers are a blend of protein, fats and carbohydrates that help in packing muscle mass. It is a calorie-rich protein powder that helps you boost your daily calorie intake required to support mass gain. Usually, the amount of protein in mass gainers is lower than a pure protein powder, but it has high levels of carbs and fats. However, you can also find certain mass gainers that offer a relatively higher protein content.

Who Should Consume a Mass Gainer?

Mass gainer supplements can be consumed by anyone who has a very lean physique and struggles to gain weight and put on muscle mass despite eating calorie-dense foods. These are crafted for hard gainers and help such individuals put on a decent amount of weight and healthy muscle mass.

The ideal carbs to protein ratio of a mass gainer is 3:1, but you can find different ratios as well. How much mass you will gain depends on your diet and the kind of workout you are involved in.

Key benefits of Consuming Mass Gainers

1. Packed with Carbs

Carbohydrates help in fueling your body with the energy you require, especially during workouts. Mass gainers are a great source of carbs. As and when time passes, your body’s natural energy starts getting depleted and that is when you need a dose of high carbs. This is where a mass gainer XXL comes to the rescue. Packed with high amounts of carbs, it helps in restoring the glycogen intensity.

2. Fuels you with the required Calories

Those who try hard to gain but cannot, know, that the struggle is real. Such individuals are known as hard gainers. Getting all the required surplus calories from the diet alone can be an impractical task and this is where mass gainers help. Depending on the type of mass gainer you choose, you can get around 1000 calories per serving. Mass gainers are a hassle-free way to consume all the required calories.

3. Rich in Fiber

A mass gainer is also a good source of dietary fiber required for building muscles. Fiber helps in getting rid of toxins from your body and smoothens the digestion process. Fiber also helps in boosting the absorption and digestion of nutrients.

4. Helps you in Staying Lean

While you want to pack on muscle mass, you don’t want to gain too much weight. Mass gainers help you with that. They help you stay lean while building muscle mass. Choose a mass gainer that has got medium-chain triglycerides and very little saturated fat.

5. Bridges Nutritional Gap

Many mass gainers come fortified with vitamins and minerals to help fulfill your daily micronutrient needs and bridge any nutritional gaps. Vitamins and minerals also help in boosting immunity and keeping you energized.

A mass gainer is an anytime nutritional support that helps in gaining muscle size and strength. There are a few mass gainers that come with a blend of digestive enzymes to boost nutrient absorption and digestion & also reduce bloating. Do not go for such mass gainers that have added sugar, fillers, or other harmful ingredients as they will do more harm than good. They will give you calories, but those won’t be the healthy ones.

To have healthy gains, it is important to choose the right mass gainer supplement that has calories derived from clean sources. Consuming a mass gainer shake post-workout can help restore the calories burned during the workout. You can happily choose a mass gainer if you are training to add muscles or put on some weight. It is the best way to develop a lean and muscular physique when combined with the right diet and workouts.