Online Food Delivery Apps – Innovative and Useful 6 Features

With the advent of the digital era, businesses are going digital, making people’s life simpler, faster, and less stressful. Furthermore, On-Demand Mobile Apps have the largest demand across mobile solution types. The food business is one of the most popular in today’s economy. The food industry experienced a mixed bag of repercussions as the pandemic wreaked havoc on the global economy. While brick and mortar businesses suffered significant losses as a result of the lockdowns, on the other hand, On-Demand Online Food Delivery Apps saw a major uptick.

The online food delivery industry brought about $7,092 million in sales in 2019. Restaurant-to-Consumer Deliveries are the market’s most significant segment, with a market volume of $5,825 million. Restaurant-to-Consumer delivery is expected to produce $22,898.2 million in revenues in 2023, according to the eServices online meal delivery industry.

To keep up with demand, restaurants of all sizes must develop solutions that allow consumers to browse their menus, pick selections, and pay for their carryout or delivery orders online. With social distance becoming the new normal, several restaurants are looking to develop online meal delivery applications.

When it comes to features, however, there is always the question of whether or not they will be consistent with your company’s scaling requirements.

Innovative features for your online food delivery Apps

There are various online food delivery Apps for restaurants in the market that may assist you in creating a personalised ordering experience on your restaurant’s website or mobile app.

Here are some unique features you may incorporate into your online food business.

Order Scheduling

Order scheduling tool is one of the standout features. Food can be ordered in advance. This feature allows you to schedule your meal up to a week in advance. This is especially useful if a user does not want to waste time ordering the same product over and over.

Using an On-Demand food ordering and Delivery App like UberEats, one can get food for the full week in only a few clicks. Your business will undoubtedly flourish as a result, and your retention rate will be outstanding. Options for repeat orders and one-click ordering will further benefit your company’s user experience (UX).

Integrate social media

Allowing your consumers to share photos and reviews of food they’ve consumed on social media and through the app may help you gain a lot of organic publicity. It’s an excellent way to solicit feedback and gives a wealth of data for your social media team to work with. As a result, people will be drawn to the reviews and the sale will grow.

Voice Recognition

There have been failed attempts to deliver items to a remote location or when there is a low-intensity network region. But what if you could offer your delivery workers vocal instructions to follow, similar to bread crumbs to ensure on-time deliveries?

The Voice Recognition feature enables customers to provide pertinent local instructions, request contactless delivery, and even request delivery to a neighbour. It’s a feature that improves and makes the user experience more pleasant. It is the primary attribute used by the owners of internet food enterprises at the moment.

Live Open Kitchen

When we go out to eat, we sometimes make particular requests for the food we order so that it tastes exactly how we want it. A live kitchen function allows users to see how their meals are prepared in real-time.

Live streaming capabilities for such a feature can be included in mobile applications by online food companies. The open kitchen element, similar to that of a physical restaurant, may provide a great user experience. Combine these capabilities with an improved voice instruction option to give consumers a whole new experience.

Hassle-free payment solution

Modern app development technology has enabled online businesses to integrate a variety of payment methods, including debit/credit card, net banking, cash on delivery, and others.

However, it is time to go beyond the standard payment options. With the inclusion of facial recognition and fingerprint technologies in almost every smartphone today, you may be able to provide secure and rapid payment options.

Unique Feedback and review system

Reviews and feedback are an essential component of any app, and you must be creative in your approach to them. Wonders can work here by employing gaming approaches.

It’s a technique to include game-like elements into your app review and feedback system. You might provide discount coupons in the review to encourage more user participation. This enables you to have a better understanding of customer behaviour.

Wrap up

The year 2021 will be marked by an increase in the number of physical food outlets and an increase in the number of online food businesses. As a result of the saturation of On-Demand food ordering and Delivery solutions, distinctive features may help you stand out for clients. These features not only help businesses grow but also give customers a better user experience. Will you be the next food industry leader?

Don’t let the pandemic prevent your delivery company from expanding. Create the best online food business application possible by combining top notch technical abilities and unique features.

Author’s BioMushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading On-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that leans on business and entrepreneurship.