How Social Media influences Fashion Industry?

Businesses all over the world now realize the importance of Social Media influences, and use it to promote their respective brands. The fashion industry is continuously evolving, and for its future growth, it will need a convenient and effective medium to engage with their consumers. Social media has virtually revolutionized every industry in the world in the last ten years, and the fashion industry is no exception.

In the fashion world, Social media has not only brought innovation, and diversity to the industry, it also acted as a bridge between industries and consumers. Instagram, for all practical purposes, functions as a live magazine, continuously updating itself with the latest trends in fashion while also engaging with users to make them participate in the whole process rather than just being a spectator.

Social media has incredibly helped the fashion industry by creating fashion icons, which play a big role in influencing fashion trends, and also attracting new talent in the field.

How Fashion Icons were Created?

Previously, it was unthinkable for someone to become a fashion icon without having right connections in the industry. They needed endorsement from someone very important in the fashion industry to gain that status. Businesses needed to build their brand from scratch, and unless you were a celebrity in your field, your journey meant innumerable auditions, deals, catwalks, and after all of which you would still only have an outright chance of getting recognition. But social media has changed the rule of the game on its head. It has created a new social media lifestyle where anyone can become a celebrity, and endorse a fashion brand.

Now, instead of banking on someone to discover them, users are getting discovered on their own. Instagram is like manna from heaven and helping users to build their brands, and discovering their fans, and followers. Instagram has truly empowered normal people by giving them opportunities to attain a celebrity status that they otherwise would not have got. Another homegrown app CoNnEcTd India is creating a lot of ripples in the industry, because of its unique plan of using regular people as influencers.

Rihanna, the American star singer and actor recruited an unknown person to star in her music video of 2015 by sending her a direct message telling that she loved her style. Top retail agencies and brands now hire self-made Instagram models that go with their brands, and also possess huge followers to promote their products.

Social media has made it easier for users to build their online fashion communities that inevitably create leaders of communities, and few of these communities are so large that their leaders have become celebrities in the fashion industry.

Social Media influences on Fashion

No other industry has influenced the fashion industry like the social media. In earlier times, fashion was usually a two-dimensional, one-sided industry where brands displayed their collections in magazines and users consumed ideas and inspiration by flipping the pages. Top models cat walked in fashion shows, and consumers secretly prayed that some of it would appear on the electronic media or newspapers, so, they could watch.

It was fashion industry that created the trendsetters in the first place, and users normally followed those trends. Users had no role whatsoever in what they liked consuming, as they could only get what was available in the market. The new social media lifestyle has revolutionized this archaic structure, allowing users to not only consume fashion, but also to contribute in the best possible manner.