Software Companies in India and Indian Software Engineers

I always feel proud to say I am an Indian. India is the 7th largest country by it’s area. About it’s population we are in the 2nd highest rank among the list of Global Countries. We are talented & challenging. If required we can jump Himalaya or can cover Ocean of fears. We are advanced from nuclear technologies to mobile technologies. World knows we are the creator for sophisticated software’s. In information technology after United States India can be ranked.

I am a Software Engineers from India. More than a decade back I am in to the industry. In my IT Career I worked for several IT Companies locating to India. I never attained On-site. Here before to move into any further discussion on this topic, I would like to ask you can you guess from my past 10 years experience How many years do I really worked for India or an Indian Software Service? … I can say my good luck during I worked for an Indian product based Company I worked 2 years for India. I mean to say the product I worked there is under the trade mark of “Made in India”. Now let us think what about my rest 8 years. For whom I worked? Where I sale my 80% employment career? This questions are not only about me but also it is about many super brains of India. Even you can say this is about the technical resources of India.

If we sale our Technical resources to work for others do you think it will grow our nation or economy. Software is an intangible asset. It has no depreciation. In case it is out dated we are free to update this with time. In this YUG leading counties obeys software’s are more than Gold. Gold losses it’s weight by regular use of it while Software gain weight with more n more interaction. So is it wise to invest our talented resources in development of other countries. By known or unknown we are the creators of many global software products but after a trademark we are buying the same product in higher price. You & me are for few years but India is for all those years which will come in this globe. How many more days we will work for others? Why not others will work for India?

In the dark pages of Indian history 200 years British act upon India. They stolen beauties & torched the babies of India. Thanks to Gandhi & all those freedom fighters who bring the revolution. Today we are in the millennium world speaks “Peace”. So do you think any one will come to win India again. I think this case can very rare. But it’s not the same by sitting in India if we will work for others. Think widely is it the real mean of Independence. According to economy flow they sanction our salary.

I can say I will feel more proud to work for “Wipro” rather then any other foreign companies. My Special Thanks to Mr. Premji who really thinks about India & it’s babies. “Padma Bhushan” speaks due to “Wipro” many lower classes people have there bread & butter. Employment is not only a business it is more fruitful if it is on behalf to national growth. In the other hand what we do is we are sailing human. They have the admin rights & we are the workers only.

Can we save us from this? Can we design products like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Ebay, YouTube, Amazon, Wikipedia or Bing? Here my intention to say which resources we are sailing to create them let us use those resources to create us. This will not only bring a better India but also it is helpful for our next generations to live better. So, think more on this find the solution to lead the world. Before ending this topic I can say in this millennium software is the only & only shortcut to be a richest country in the Globe. We are experts. What we do for other if the same we do for us the previous statement can happen. Let us think more about Indian economy rather then our economy.