5 Cultural Things you didn’t Know related to Australia

Australia, the land of kangaroos, is also a place worth visiting for its cultural history. The country is a land of diversity as it doesn’t have a uniform national culture. The reason being that it is an amalgamation of various cultures, thanks to the immigrant population from Europe in the late 18th century, later the British and Irish settlers and later still the Asian and African immigrants. It’s a fact that a quarter of Australians are said to have been born in foreign lands. So, whether you are thinking of taking a trip to Australia, or just wish to get acquainted with its rich cultural history, this piece of information is for you. Make sure you carry Australia SIM card for information and calling purposes so that you don’t miss out on sharing the fun stuff as well as Googling things you don’t know about in the country. Here’re 5 cultural things we’re sure you did not know about Australia.

1. Oldest Surviving Civilisation

Now, this news calls for applaud. And why not! The country’s 1st nationals represent the oldest surviving civilization anywhere in the world. The archaeological evidence in the country is proof that the land has been home to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, who have survived on the continent for almost 60,000 years. Today, the country has 6, 50,000 Indigenous people, which means 2.8 % of the country’s population.

2. They Make a Meal of their National Symbol

Oops…that’s true! With over 50 million kangaroos hopping all around the country, i.e. twice of the country’s population, it’s natural that you will find delicacies of the animal’s meet on the menu as a ubiquitous sight. The country’s multiculturalism means you won’t have one cohesive cuisine. Here you’ll find lamb roast as fettuccine, pho or falafel. And kangaroo meat in the form of steak or sausages, known as ‘kanga bangers.’

3. A Prevailing Sports Culture

The country is obsessed with its sports culture. So if you are a sports lover and adventurous kind, you’ll love the country’s water sports that are offered by country’s miles of golden coastline. Australia is also a destination for international events like the Australian Open Tennis, Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne and some national leagues like AFL, the NRL and summer cricket.

4. The Country boasts its Boozing Culture

Australia ranks 19th in the world for its alcohol consumption. As per WHO, the country’s men consume 12.2L of alcohol per capita each year. Now, that’s a whooping number! The country is also booming in the brewery. A fun fact- the former Prime Minister Bob Hawke held the world record for fastest drinking of a yard of beer. Cheers!

5. Culture to get Food for Gatherings

During gatherings, Australians prefer their guests to get a plate of food that can be shared with others in the group. While this is not something that is expected in other countries but it’s different in the land of kangaroos. If not asked, you are at least expected to get with you a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates or a fruit etc. that could be shared with all the members of the gathering.

So, now you know what to expect and what not to expect when you visit Australia.