What is a Gastric Balloon and How does it Work?

What is a gastric balloon? A gastric balloon is a small inflatable balloon that is placed inside the human stomach to assist an individual in losing weight. It is made of a special kind of material that cannot be dissolved by gastric juices. Gastric balloons are introduced into the body using a thin tube known as a catheter. The tubes could be inflated before being introduced into the person’s body, or afterward.
Before now, gastric balloons were filled with air and placed in the stomach through endoscopy. These days, however, the air in gastric balls has been replaced with saline solution. The turgidity brought on by the saline balloons produces more efficient results for weight loss than the air-filled balloons.

How Gastric Balloons Work?

When a gastric balloon is introduced into a person’s stomach, it settles and takes up space. As the person adjusts to its presence in their stomach, their interest in food decreases. This is because the balloon would have taken up enough space, leaving little room for food to enter.

Over time, the person finds that their excitement towards food has reduced, and they then learn to direct their energy to productive activities. According to experts in the field, gastric balloons typically produce the best results when an individual is active and eating healthy.

Why People Use Gastric Balloons?

The major reason people use gastric balloons is to help them lose weight or to maintain a particular weight.In most cases, gastric balloons help a person lose weight by combining the following methods.

1. Filing you Up – The balloons take up a sizable amount of space in a person’s stomach, and cause a reduction in a person’s food cravings. In other words, they make a person feel full enough after they’ve taken a small amount of food.

2. Slowing Down Digestion – Adjustable gastric balloons reduce the time it takes for food to be digested and used by the body. How these balloons do this is by extending the time for complete digestion and absorption of food, allowing the body to burn through fat reserves.

Spatz Medical – Lose Weight With The Only Adjustable Gastric Balloon System

To assist many who, for personal reasons cannot have surgery, Spatz Medical created adjustable gastric balloons. These adjustable gastric balloons are the first of their kind and have been used successfully by many people across cultures.

These adjustable balloons were designed specifically to help people overcome health problems like obesity. In the long run, overcoming obesity and related health challenges prevents these problems from worsening and leading to other adverse medical conditions.

When compared to the price of other forms of bariatric surgery, Spatz3 is among the cheapest non-surgery weight loss methods. Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon has the following features in its favor :

1. Highest Rates of Successful Weight Loss – Recorded While awaiting approval by the FDA, gastric balloons were tested on a randomly selected control group, and the results were collected. Of all the experiments carried out for the viability testing, Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloons recorded the highest weight loss percentage.

2. Spatz3 is The World’s first Adjustable Gastric Balloon – Several other gastric balloons have been invented, and all of them had one limitation. The most common limitation is the duration of viability. As a result of their 3 – 6 months lifespan, these gastric balloons were often ineffective for long-term weight loss goals. They either didn’t stay long enough to produce the desired results, or their removal subsequently led to rapid weight gain.

With Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloons, when a goal weight has been attained, the balloon is deflated. The deflation happens gradually, and it gives the person enough time to get used to the absence of the balloon.

3. Successful Weight Management and Maintenance – For as long as the balloon is within a person’s stomach, it is highly recommended that they exercise and eat healthily. The adjustable gastric balloons can last for a year. This year-long life span of the system helps the person form new, healthy habits that stay with them long after the balloons have been removed.

The person’s weight is monitored – before insertion, and on several milestones while in use. Subsequently, when an individual’s desired weight has been achieved, the person is asked to come back for deflation. During intervals before the final removal, the balloons are adjusted to meet the clients new weight and goals.

To remove the balloons, the person is given a mild dose of sedative. After that, a catheter is placed down the esophageal tract, and it goes straight to the stomach. The doctor either drains the saline solution and extracts the balloon, or removes it whole.

After the balloon has been removed, the person is placed on a diet consisting of only fluids or light foods. As the days go by, the diet begins to return to normal, healthy foods.


The body is constantly saving up enough fat to convert to energy when you’re starving. Unfortunately, some of that fat becomes a problem when it isn’t eliminated. Instead of going on a diet alone or working out, add gastric balloons to your program for faster weight lose.